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Discovery YearTheoremDiscoverer
1700 B.C.Babylonians
500 B.C.Pythagoras and his school
500 B.C.Pythagoras and his school
400 B.C.Theaetetus
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
300 B.C.Euclid
260 B.C.Archimedes
225 B.C.Archimedes
75Heron of Alexandria
1321Levi ben Gerson
1350Nicole Oresme
1500Scipione Del Ferro
1545Lodovico Ferrari
1579Francois Viete
1637Rene Descartes
1640Blaise Pascal
1650Gerard Desargues
1665Isaac Newton
1672Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
1674Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
1678Giovanni Ceva
1686Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
1696John Bernoulli
1713Jakob Bernoulli
1715Brook Taylor
1730Abraham DeMoivre
1730James Stirling
Discovery YearTheoremDiscoverer
1733Comte de Buffon
1734Leonhard Euler
1734Leonhard Euler
1736Leonhard Euler
1740Leonhard Euler
1750Gabriel Cramer
1751Leonhard Euler
1759Leonhard Euler
1760Leonhard Euler
1770Joseph-Louis Lagrange
1773Joseph-Louis Lagrange
1799Karl Frederich Gauss
1801Karl Frederich Gauss
1802Joseph-Louis Lagrange
1811Joseph Fourier
1814Augustin-Louis Cauchy
1821Augustin-Louis Cauchy
1822Karl Wilhelm Feuerbach
1823Augustin-Louis Cauchy
1824Niels Henrik Abel
1828George Green
1837Peter Lejune Dirichlet
1837Pierre Wantzel
1838Jacob Steiner
1844Joseph Liouville
1850Victor Puiseux (based on a discovery of Isaac Newton of 1671)
1858Arthur Cayley
1860J.L.F. Bertrand
1867Georg Cantor
1870Ludwig Sylow
1873Charles Hermite
1874Georg Cantor
1875Karl Frederich Gauss, Janos Bolyai, Nikolai Lobachevsky and G.F. Bernhard Riemann
1882Ferdinand Lindemann
Discovery YearTheoremDiscoverer
1882Ferdinand Lindemann
1887J.L.F. Bertrand
1891Georg Cantor
1896Hermann Minkowski
1896Jacques Hadamard or Charles-Jean de la Vallee Poussin
1899Frank Morley
1899George Pick
1902Henri Lebesgue
1910L.E.J. Brouwer
1930F.P. Ramsey
1931Kurt Godel
1935Paul Erdos and G. Szekeres
1940R.L. Brooks
1963Paul Cohen
1966Paul Erdos, Alfred Renyi and Vera Sos
1976Kenneth Appel and Wolfgang Haken
1993Andrew Wiles
?Augustin-Louis Cauchy
?Etienne Bezout

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