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Spirit-lit Seat of Kings
Orchard Frontier
Sanctum of Maxwell
City of Hails and Farewells
Isle of Quay and Quarry
Haunt of Fallen Heroes
The Daybreak Citadel
The Spyrix Metropolis
Where Shadows Dwell
Hamlet on the Frontier
Land of Enterprise
King of Rashugal Stays Here
Lord of Spirits' Home
Transcendental Ring
Auj Oule Port
Sunset-Clime Port
Rashugal Port
Agent HQ
Research Center
Food Production Facility
Exodus Base
Last Surving Boat
Train Station
Crater in the Earth
A Lost Civilization
Smokeshroom Spores
Place of Many Wars
Wind-Clime Filled Area
Abandoned Shafts
Old and Forgotten Shafts
Water-Clime Area
Rashugal Border Defense
Depths of Elympios
Fire-Clime Area
Ice-Clime Area
Where the Climes Meet
Elympion Water View
Old Man and a Boat
Wild Wyverns in this Place
Cold-Clime with Trees
Cold-Clime Continues
Cold-Clime Continues Some More
Between Two Elympion Cities
After Elympion Research Building
After Elympion Captial City
Drought-Clime Road
Sunset-Clime Road
Night-Clime Road
Path Closest to Talim
A Desolate Path
Grassy Filled Path
Known By Hunters
Between Two Auj Oule Cities
Path of Spirits
Breach Between Worlds
Where Maxwell Resides
Origin's Trial
EX Dungeon (Xillia 1)
EX Dungeon (Xillia 2)

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