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I don't wanna hurt you, I wanna kiss you
What makes you think I need you, Or anybody else?
I will not disappoint you I will be right there for you 'til the end
You can make a broken heart go away
I get a rep for breakin' hearts, Now I'm done with superstars
It's the hope for all the hopeless, In the worst of trying times
He told me he built a time machine. Like one in a film I've seen
You say you didn't mean to break My heart but girl you did, I'm over it
I've found a place were my heart will stay
Somethings changing deep inside, All my hopes are comin' alive
I make up one more lame excuse for Why can't come out tonight
We could run forever if you wanted to And i would not get tired
Tried to smile frowned instead
Look ahead, the past is behind you
It's infatuation, You're my love frustration
I'm not cut out, For the road of the entertainer,Cause I'm really not that loud
Everybody's feeling fine and everything will be alright
I need to try to get to where you are, Could it be you're not that far?
The two of us tonight, We can make it last forever
Rockin' out to my favorite songs, That's all I really need
I'll escape the gravity And I'll reach my destiny
Begging to hear your voice, Tell me you love me too
A summer like no other, you're my L.A. baby
I have to learn that the court's adjourned,
I've been making lots of plans, Like a picket fence and a rose garden
If you really don't care then say it to my face
Then she went away, Left my heart in two
She's all or nothing But my feeling's never change
With every stike of lightning, Comes a memory that lasts
Practice makes perfect But perfect's not workin'
Life is for dreamers and I'm a believer
And she always understands Even when it don't make sense
Feeling something deep inside that I just won't admit
How can I call you a friend? You stood me up in the end
Throwing punchlines, no one wins
It might sound cheesy But i wanted her to stay
Everything's alright, When you're right here by my side.
You know it's bad when your momma doesn't like her
Filled with sorrow, filled with pain, Knowing that I am to blame
I've never been into cars, I like really cool guitars and superheros
I climb a tree outside her home To make sure she is alone
Reaching for her keys so I guess it's now or never
Oh I was so lonely, Now I know you love me
Cause now we're making headlines, primetime Saying what a story!
I'm just trying to be honest with myself, with you, with the world.
Is it me, girl, or someone else?
And I know that it's my fault But I'm gonna treat you better
Now I'm speechless, Over the edge, I'm just breathless
Somehow I'm to blame For this never-ending racetrack you call life
Say goodbye to all my fears One good song and they disappear
You hear the crowd screaming out your name for the encore
Words don't come easy without a melody. I'm always thinking In terms of do-re-mi
I'm the kind of guy that likes to scream And all these other people want to do it like me
She hates the sun cause it proves she's not alone And the world doesn't revolve around her
You camouflage the way you feel
We were watching star wars, she looked kinda bored, Said she'd seen it all before
The last time that I left these steps Was after our first kiss
It's not that hard to be a friend
It's over, there's no one to blame.
You don't know what its like to feel so low.
I'm not fakin', Girl, I'm just sayin'
I drove her home and she whispered in my ear Party doesn't have to end, we can dance here
Get over it your friends are so much hotter
Dreamers, you see everything in color
I start to freak and scream so loud, Just like the females in the crowd
And to my surprise, it was all green lights
I'm taking all the doctor's meds, I'm still freakin' out
You've got me on my toes
All I ever get is attitude, Constant never ending bad mood from you
I don't want to see you, Be near you.
Everybody knows it's true. They know all your secrets
Someday they'll see how beautiful she really is
I have a choice, but I don't know what to feel
It's been a long time Since my phone's rung And you've been on that line
When you came, you saw, you conquered my heart.
Say that you need me, I know you're deceiving
I'd be better off if you weren't around
From Jersey Town to the L.A. Crowd, They hear us all over the world.
Telling lies just to feel happy But I won't retaliate
You were miles away from the place where you needed to be
I'm giving you a high five 'cause hugs are over rated, just FYI
I'm gonna be this way Right up until my dying day
You got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing

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