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Can you name the answers to these questions about events that took place during leap years?

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A british prime minister who was murdered in 18121812
A gothic horror novel written by Mary Shelley 1816
A statue of this Goddess was found on the island of Milos 1820
He became the dictator of Peru in 18241824
A mysterious child found on the streets of Nuremberg 18281828
These islands were annexed by Ecuador in 18321832
A famous battle that took place in Texas in 18361836
Queen Victoria got married to this cousin 1840
All the words of the first official telegram 1844
The authors of the Communist Manifesto1848
A penal colony opened on this french island in 18521852
He completed a two year journey across Africa1856
The Expedition of the Thousand was led by him1860
A humanitarian movement founded in 18641864
The first identified skeletons of these early humans were discovered1868
A ship found abandoned in the atlantic ocean1872
The U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment was wiped out in this battle1876
The Cathedral in this city was completed after 632 years1880
A Conference was held here to regulate the colonisation of Africa1884
The murderer who terrorised Whitechapel1888
A ballet by Tchaikovsky which premiered in 18921892
An enlightened discovery by Wilhelm Röntgen 1896
June 16 1904 is the setting of this novel by James Joyce1904
A meteoroid or comet exploded over Russia in this event1908
An 'unsinkable ship' which sank in 19121912
Two major WW1 battles that took place in France in 19161916
This european land lost 72% of it's territory in 19201920
Name one of the two mountaineers who died on Mt. Everest in 19241924
He became the leader of the prohibition unit in Chicago in 1928r1928
This country became an independent kingdom under King Faisal1932
The last of this species died in a Tasmanian zoo in 19361936
Winston Churchill replaces this politician as the Prime Minister of UK1940
In the middle of the war, this volcano erupted - killing 26 people1944
A pacifist leader who was assassinated in 19481948
This man retook power over Cuba 19521952
This annual music contest was broadcast for the first time in 19561956
An unsuccessful coup was staged against this emperor in 19601960
Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form this country1964
A vietnamese village massacred by american soldiers in 19681968
The name of the first home video game console1972
A leader of this german terrorist group was found hanged in her cell1976
Lech Walesa lead his first strike at the shipyard in this city1980
Band Aid recorded this single to raise money for Ethiopia1984
She became the first female prime minister of Pakistan1988
This royal couple announced their separation in 19921992
She became the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell1996
He was elected president of Russia in 20002000
The last episode of this popular sitcom aired on NBC in 20042004
Over 133.000 people in this country were killed by the Cyclone Nargis2008
The host city of the 2012 Summer Olympics2012

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