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LyricsMissing lyricsWords missing
And now,4
And so I face3
My friend,4
I'll state my case,4
I've lived4
I traveled each 3
And more, 4
I did it 2
But then again ,4
I did 5
And saw it through 2
I planned 3
Each careful step 3
And more, 4
I did it 2
Yes, there were times,4
When I bit off 5
But through it all ,4
LyricsMissing lyricsWords missing
I ate it up,4
I faced it all,4
And did it2
I've loved, 4
I've had my fill, 4
And now,3
I find it all 2
To think 4
And may I say,5
Oh no, oh no, 2
I did it 2
For what is a man,4
If not himself, 4
To say the things 3
And not the words 4
The record shows 4
And did it 2
Yes, it was 2

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