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AThe shinto sun goddess
BThe voodoo spirit of the dead
CThe slavic god of darkness
DThe greek goddess of agriculture
EThe celtic goddess of horses
FThe norse goddess of love
GThe elephant-headed hindu god of wisdom
HThe falcon-headed egyptian sky god
IThe divine smith in finnish mythology
JThe son of god according to christian belief
KThe hindu goddess of darkness
LThe norse trickster god
MThe dragonslaying babylonian king of the gods
NThe greek goddess of victory
OThe king of the gods in norse mythology
PThe roman god of the underworld
QA feathered aztec serpent who brought chocolate to humanity
RThe egyptian king of the gods
SDrumming storm god of the yoruba people
TThe babylonian dragon goddess of chaos
UOne of the norns in the norse mythology
VThe roman goddess of love
WThe lakota thunder-bird god
XA chinese goddess of cosmetics
YThe hindu god of death
ZThe king of the gods in greek mythology

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