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Can you name the lyrics to Bartender by Rehab (clean)?

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Bartender I really
Broke my parole
When I got home
the door was locked
she was tripping on the bills
She threw my things out into the yard
And in my drunken stupor
Now I'm sitting here
Drunk and on the run
Waiting for my ride on the outside
So I jacked the keys to her father's car
You know that I'll probably get ten years
Yeah, I know the sun is coming up
But I'm trying to drown my soul
Everything that I love is gone
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She's got me sitting at
Waiting for my ride on the outside
So I jacked the keys to her father's car
And stepped away
Romance is misery
And now I'm headed to the penitentiary
The next COP series
I guess I should've did something
But I never learned
I pour kerosene
I know it's my fault
She threw a fit
And now I'm going back again
When we all pile out that county van

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