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Character HintsCharacter
Blue-haired main character
Has a crush on main character
Wears a baseball cap backwards
Daughter of a wealthy businessman
A troubled young boy
Can't fight, but helps with Tartarus
A machine whose looks can kill
Aloof ladies man and boxer
Left SEES, wears a beanie
Butterfly mask
Cuts herself
Man with a REALLY long nose
Fights with grenades
hurts knee during practice
Character HintsCharacter
Good artist, but an even better doctor
Provides an interesting plot twist
Looks like Jesus, but has a revolver
Creepy kid that appears at night
Sleazy salesman
Likes older women
Little girl whose parents want a divorce
Owns a bookstore
Head of student council
Loves to eat
A hard working athlete
Good with kids, plays sports
A transfer student from France
An dirty old monk
Velvet room assistant

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