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White House
Angry Bovidae
Crooning in the Precipitation
Departed with the Zephyr
Larry of Persia
Enmity Among Gaseous Heavenly Bodies
The Alumnus
Armageddon Sooner than Later
Blancanieves and a Handful of Little People
Oddlike M.D.
Cab Operator
New TitleOriginal Title
337.50 Degrees
Those Who Are Not Absolved
Reticence of the Ovis
Tragedy Submerges April 15, 1912
Somewhere Between 25-35 Soldiers
A Plaything's Narrative
Lurid Prevarication
One Less Than A Baker's Dozen of Exacerbated Homo Sapiens
Contemporary Epoch
'Citrus-y' gears
The Second Largest Continent's Female Monarch
Defacement in the USA
The Capital of Tennessee
New TitleOriginal Title
The Sportsman of Cervidae
A Tale not in the East Part of Town
An Epic in the City of Brotherly Love
The Brunch Bunch
Pack of Pugilists
Paramount Firearm
MMI: A Galaxy Adventure
Vengeful Vitus Vinifera
A Bird of Prey from a Mediterranean Island Country
What the 5th Amendment Protects Against
The Resonance of Melody
New TitleOriginal Title
A Cable Car Called Covetousness
Perform the Correct Action
Deluxe Dudes
An Entire Group Belonging to the Most Powerful Man in the World
The Mad Scramble for Au
Posterior Pane
Witching Hour Wrangler
Marauders of the Misplaced Chest
The Accustomed Appellants
The Divine Progenitor

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