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Slaughter a multi-tongued mimic flyer
Panthera leo, the sorceress, and the armoire
Monarch of Musca Domestica
Zoological Ranch
A Huge Gaseous Fireball 8 Million Miles Away Ascends Too
Unseen Homo Sapien
The Resonance and the Anger
Indigenous Offspring of a Father
Bare Brunch
New TitleOriginal Title
The Geriatric Gentleman and the Ocean
The Grabber in the Grain
Less Than Two Piloted Above the Home of the Cuculidae
Enmity and Tranquility
A Century of Seclusion
Vanity and Bigotry
An Epic of Dichotomous Municipalities
Reckless Rendezvous
The Nobleman of a Fictional Island
The Red Rune
New TitleOriginal Title
Miniscule Madames
The Beckoning of the Undomesticated
Multi-chambered Muscular Organ of Murkiness
Inventor, Clothier, Infantryman, Secret Agent
Lawlessness and Discipline
A Goodbye to Guns
The Crimson Insignia of Bravery
An Ancient Greek Titan Wiggled his Shoulders
Your Mother's Brother Thomas and his Domicile Built of Logs
Immortal Bloodsucker
New TitleOriginal Title
Arachnid's Entanglement
The Cipher of the Greatest Scientist of the Renaissance
The Feline in the Fedora
Courageous Modern Planet
Temperature Scale CDLI
The Disrobed and the Deceased
A Guy Holding Out his Thumb and his Map of the Universe
Butchery Cinco
A Tick-Tock of Citrus Fruit
Third Person Singular Nominative Case Neutral Personal Pronoun

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