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QUIZ: Can you name the Classic Harry Potter Trivia?

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Who is the boy who lived?Easy
Hogwarts best HeadmasterEasy
Harrys two friendsEasy
Who was the Half Blood PrinceEasy
He who must not be named?Easy
Voldemort's right hand womanEasy
Transfiguration teacherEasy
Charms teacherEasy
Potions teacher (Years 6-7)Easy
Defence against the dark arts teacher (Year 7)Easy
Gryffindor House GhostEasy
Slytherin House GhostEasy
Hufflepuff House GhostEasy
Ravenclaw House GhostEasy
Voldemort's pet snakeEasy
Hagrid's DogEasy
Rons RatEasy
Neville's FrogEasy
Weasley House OwlEasy
Hermione's CatEasy
Well Known Wand MakerMedium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 1)Medium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 2)Medium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 3)Medium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 4)Medium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 5)Medium
Defence Against The Dark Arts (Year 6)Medium
Truth Twisting ReporterMedium
Durmstrang HeadmasterMedium
Beauxbaton's HeadmasterMedium
Bank run by GoblinsMedium
'Devil's Snare, Devil's Snare. It's deadly fun, _______________'Medium
Harry's First BroomMedium
Ron's First BroomMedium
Hogwarts Games KeeperMedium
Quidditch CommentatorMedium
Famous SeekerMedium
The Other Wand MakerMedium
Dumbledore's BrotherMedium
Who killed Cedric in the Graveyard?Medium
What does S.P.E.W. stand for?Hard
What does N.E.W.T. stand for?Hard
What does O.W.L. stand for?Hard
What was Voldemort feasting on in the Forbidden Forrest?Hard
Name Dumbledores PhoenixHard
Who did Harry take to the yule ball?Hard
Who says this: 'Severus...please...we're friends!'Hard
Who says this: 'These are dark times, there is no denying.'Hard
What was Hermione's Alias when she was captured by the snatchersHard
1st chapter of the 1st bookHard
What soft toy did Hagrid give NorbertHard
Who gave Norbert to HagridHard
What is Madam Maximes first name?Very Hard
What is Quirrell's first name?Very Hard

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