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What is the motto of Harvard University in English?
Who replaced Chad Hurley as CEO of Youtube?
Where was Hubert Sumlin born?
Who was the successor of Emperor Hirohito?
Who was the father of Romulus Augustulus?
The Þórisvatn is the largest lake of of what country?
Where can you find the Isua greenstone belt?
What is the profession of Rowan Williams?
Name one of the two childrens of Hu Jintao.
The Orosirian period is in which era?
What is most southeastern province of Angola?
Who built the Mosque of Uqba?
What is the currency of Mozambique?
Where did Larry Sanger grew up?
Name one of the five departments in Aquitaine, France,
Who did Charles Dickens marry?
Who was the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate in Japan?
Who was the 256th pope of the Roman Catholic Church?
Who is the president of the Al-Azhar University?
Who is the operator of the Tenerife South Airport?
What is the highest point of Kansas?
What is the calling code of Scotland?
What was the nickname of Oliver Cromwell?
At what age did Bob Price (Texan politician) died?
What is the atomic number of Iridium?
Øresund is the strait that separates the province of Scania and which Danish island?
Belarusian is an official language in Belarus and?
Who was the father of Carloman of Bavaria?
What is the distance between Kwajalein Atoll and Honolulu in nautical miles?
What is the current Royal House of the Kingdom of Sweden?
Azza Transport is a cargo airline in what african country?
Who was Fermium named after?
Landnámabók is a manuscript in which language?
Name a year Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi was prime minister of Libya.
In what country can you find the Choeung Ek?
Who was the president of Peru in 1996?
In what country was Oli Ahad born?
The shortest war ever was between the United Kingdom and?
In what year did Kurszán died?
What is the length of the Turku Cathedral?
In what year was A.C. Milan found?
In what year was the Lviv University established?
What is the order of an orange in the scientific classification?
What was Sally Hayfron's occupation before she died?
What is the capital of Maharashtra, India?
Who wrote the song Up, Up and Away?
What is the official language of Nagorno-Karabakh?
How many people (in million) speak the Akan language?
In feet, how long is the Roe River?
What was the birth name of Genghis Khan?

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