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What is the canal east of Egypt?
The White Mans Burden was who's idea?
Which empire that controlled most of North Africa and the Middle East declined despite its superpower status in the 1800's?
What missionaries rejected African culture and urged locals to do the same?
From 1899-1902 what war raged between the British and the Boers?
What was the main cause of the destruction of the Ottoman empire?
What year was the Indian National Congress formed?
What year was the Muslim League formed?
What was the name of the policy that kept chinese trade open to everyone on an equal basis?
A government staffed by administrators and officials is called ___?
What is the domination by one country of the political, economic or cultural life of another country or region called?
What anciet kingdom in Africa was able to resist European colonization?
Who is the father of modern Egypt?
A system where local rulers were left in charge but expected to follow rules of European powers?
What peice of land did the japanese win after the Sino-Japanese War?
What French colony was created for former slaves in West Africa?
Who is the best known explorer and missionary?
Who launched the 100 days of reform?
What two continents were most affected by western expansion?
What was the East India Company's main goal in India?

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