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What is the name of Billie Joe Armstrongs side band that has released the album 'Carry The Banner'?
What Song did they cover by 'The Replacements?
What Replacement Album did this song first appear?
If you add the word 'man' to the last word of the previous answer, you have a hit song by what famous duo?
What famous lable did they record on?
What was the name of the'famous' house band for that lable?
What famous instrumental song did they record?
If you replace the first word in that song with the word 'glass', you get a song by what famous band?
Which member of this bandshares his first name with the lead singer of the song from question 2?
What was the name of his band he formed with his wife?
What is the name of the song that this band recorded for a James Bond film?
What 'flower' band Covered that song?
Who was that bands guitarist?
What is the name of the band that he formed with other members of famous rock bands?
What other band was the lead singer for that band in?
What song by this band did a famous parody Artist use in one of his 'polkas'?
What Album is that 'polka' on?
The cover of that album, the artist is doing a parody of what rapper?
What song did he record that was also a parody on the album from question 17?
This song also 'borrowed' the tune froma song by what motown artist?

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