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cabs are there in new york city?
legs does a woodlouse have?
strongbows floor matt hurt?
kilometres wide is canda ( estimate ) (km)?
titles have sheffield wednesday won?
conventional wars have america been in?
james bond films have there been?
world cups have there been?
times has jerusalem been destroyed?
crusades were there?
football teams has Fernando Morientes played for?
moons does jupiter have?
years did Queen Victoria reign?
countries are there in the world?
men were there in a roman legion?
official albums did the beatles make (1963-1970)?
rings did Sauron make?
rings were made in Lord of the Rings?
U.S. presidents have be assassinated?
times has Britain been invaded?
countries/colonies did Britain own at its peak?
pieces are in a chess set?
career goals did Pele score?

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