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Which type of administration can be very erratic in neonates?
What influences oral absorption in neonates and small children? Decreased...
What influences oral absorption in neonates and small children? Increased..
Overuse of corticosteroids may cause...
Which factor that influences distribution is decreased in neonates and infants?
By which mechanism is paracetamol metabolised in neonates?
In terms of licensing, what are extemporaneously dispensed products?
A medicine used outside the terms of its license is called ...
What is benzyl alcohol associated with in preterm neonates?
Breath stimulating drug in pre-term babies
What do you need to consider when making up IV preparations?
What should a liquid preparation for children not contain?
According to the BNF, at what age can kids swallow tablets?
What is classified as pre-term?
How are volumes under 5ml measured?
What is used to calculate doses for cytoxics?
List the four medical conditions most commonly causing concerns in schools. (Alphabetical order)
What device can be used to aid with inhalation of asthma meds?
What is a common side effect of the above?
Can't think of anything else.. =) Children are not ...

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