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Where in the brain are the dopaminergic neurones lost first?
Where in the brain is ACh lost?
What may the loss of 5HT & NA in the locus coeruleus & raphe nucleus lead to?
The patient's writing becomes much smaller and shakier - what is this called?
What is the main problem associated with Levodopa treatment?
What is the minimal required daily dose of carbidopa in Co-careldopa?
Side effects of COMT inhibtor
Counselling point with L-dopa
Bioavailability of L-dopa slow release preparations
Name an ergot derivative
Which non-ergot derivative is available as transdermal patch?
Which MAO-B Inhibitor is available as buccal preparation?
Selegiline contraindication
Dose of Entacapone
Anticholinergic that is contraindicated in PD
Type of surgery for PD
Why is Metoclopramide contraindicated in PD?
Pramipexole Rx should be stated in terms of salt or base?
First line antiemetic
Monotonous speech is called

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