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Instrument UseName of InstrumentFeatures
Used to extract teethN/A
Used to hold the scalpelN/A
Used to hook the uterus and bring to the surface of the surgical site for removalN/A
Used to provide an open airway in the trachea bypassing the mouth and larynxHooked end
Used for grasping tissue'Tweezer'
Used to secure sterile towels to the surgical siteN/A
Used to cut tougher tissueHeavy
Used for holder of the suture needle during suturingCriss-Cross pattern on the holding surface
Used for measuring fluidN/A
Used for cutting tissueOne sharp end as well as one blunt end
Used to provide continuous access to a veinN/A
Used for cutting tissue and for making the initial incisionN/A
Used for cutting bandage material off of the animalBlunt part on one side with a cutting side on the other
Used to scrape tartar off of teeth in difficult to reach placesMore angles in the ends
Used for weighing small amountsN/A
Used for closing the outer structures of a surgical siteN/A
Used to clip toenailsN/A
Used for grasping delicate organ tissue such as intestines or uterus without crushingSquare concave ends
Instrument UseName of InstrumentFeatures
Spinning down fluids such as blood, urine or feces mixed in fluidLarge and round with slots for specimen tubes
Used for removing suturesNotch out of one end
Used for measuring specific gravity of urine or for measuring Total Protein found in blood serumTelescope Shape
Used for clamping off blood vesselsCushing ends
Used for counting the different kinds of Red Blood Cells or White Blood CellsN/A
Used to measure the depth of gum pocket around the tooth'Tick' marks on the ends to measure depth
Used for closing the inner structures of a surgery siteN/A
Used to crush blood vesselsPattern goes all the way down the surface
Used for cutting delicate tissueLong handles with a smaller blade area
Used for transferring small amounts of fluidN/A
Used to grasp and crush tissueOval space between handles with small square ends
Used for crushing and clamping large bundle tissue such as organsOne curved end with pattern running longways on the surface
Used for spinning down urine or feces in fluidN/A
Used for grasping gauze or spongesN/A
Used to move bundles of tissue out of the way for better visualizationN/A
Used to scrape tartar off of teethStraighter ends
Used for keeping track of the total number of cells counted when using a Differetnial Cell counterTypewritter Concept
Used for grasping and crushing blood vesselsPattern goes half way down

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