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What killed Severus Snape
What is Ignotus's surname
What type of giant spider lives in the Forbidden Forest
What Phoenix gave up 2 feathers for wand-making
Who was most likely Hermione's first kiss
Who was Ginny's first kiss
What is the only antidote for basilisk venom
What type of magic is always locked up at the Ministry
Besides Fred, what Weasley did not marry
What semi-main character became a professor at Hogwarts after graduating
What year (like 1893) did Voldemort die?
What is the date of Lily and James's death
Where was Harry's first kiss?
What did George Weasley name his first child
Who killed the Grey Lady
What was Harry's first Unforgivable Curse
Where is the Burrow located?
Who had an abusive father: Lily, James, Severus, Hagrid, Albus, or Luna
O.W.L is an acronym for...
N.E.W.T. is.....
What Hogwarts monument was planted after Arthur and Molly's time
What is the radio show dedicated to the resistance of Voldemort called?
What is the first and last spell said in the series?
Name the last Minister of Magic in the series
S.P.E.W. is.....
Who is the bartender of the Three Broomsticks
What did Dumbledore say his weakness was in book 7?
Voldemort had many followers, but no _____
How many boyfriends has Ginny had?
Who is Hermy?
What piece of Quidditch equipment has flesh memory?
After whose death did Harry have his first drink of firewhiskey?
What professor can make as a convincing chair?
What was the last Nimbus model mentioned in the series?
When she sees you, Filch is close behind.
What band is an allusion to a Shakespearian play?
What is the name of the company that Vernon Dursley works for?
Who was the Unspeakable that was a Death Eater in the First Wizarding War and got his information from Ludo Bagman?
What is the only spell that Hermione has trouble with?
Who killed Dobby and Sirius?
What gender do Unicorns prefer?
What time does the Hogwart Express leave?
T/F Wands are a necessity for a witch/wizard to conduct magic.
In Harry's fifth year, who did the Ministry blame for the mass breakout of Azkaban?

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