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Are you a Harry Potter geekcharacter no extra heading
Creature that haunts the pipes of Hogwarts
Often described as big blond death eater
Broderick Bode was killed by this
Barman in leaky cauldronHint: Namesake of Dark Lord
School Harry was expected to go to
Girls quidditch team
Sent to Azkaban for tresspassing the Ministry of magic
The job of Madam Puddifoot's
Relunctant Member of the DA
Driver of the Knight bus
Dumbledore's actual desire in mirror of erised
Only non muggle settlement in Britain
Teddy Tonks's guardian
Ancient runes professor
What does Dudley eat expanding his tongue
Quidditch teacher
Parvati Patil's sister Hint: twin
Neville's toad
Causin the victim's teeth to enlarge
What was inside Marvolo Gaunt's ring?Hint: Dumbledore wore this
How many years had McGoangall been teaching
Crouch's house elf
Giant discovered by Hagrid and Madame Maxime when visiting giants
Hokey belonged tothis person
Three D's
Conjures a small flock of birds
Chapter 35 Goblet of FireHint: Truth
Buckbeak's code name
Ravenclaw student in slug club
Dudley throws this out of a window in a tantrum
Spell that creates fire
Tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom
Draco Malfoy's wife
Previous owner of Harry Potter's watchHint: Molly Weasley's relations
Whose Gravestone was Harry tied to in Goblet of Fire?
What is Grunnings
Are you a Harry Potter geekcharacter no extra heading
Name all 3 of Mrs Cattermole's children
Snape's mother's name
Present from Hagrid to Harry in 7th book
Gryffindor house element
Peverell Brother
Course for squibs
Ludo Bagman's ex quidditch team
Chapter 12 Half Blood Prince
Madam Rosmerta works here
Chapter 12 Deathly Hallows
Draco Malfoy's son
Ravenclaw HorcruxHint: Crown
Chapter 3 Philosophers stoneHint: Dodgy Post
Keeps an eye on Harry in the two way mirror
What year was Hagrid in at Hogwarts when he was expelled
Complete the name of Hufflepuff student: Sally Anne
Muggle studies professor
Name of Tom Riddle's orphanage ownerHint: A popular footballers surname
Who does Harry impersonate in the ministry of magic
Name Harry's squib neighbour
Hagrids pet dragon
Hobby at Hogwarts
Village of the Riddles
Who does harry put under the imperius curseHint: Gringotts
What surprise awaited Harry at Bathilda Bagshot's house
Umbridge claims to be related to this death eater
When Harry is listening t the news what is the name of the waterskiing Budgie?
Broderick Bode's job
How do you enter Hogwarts kitchenHint: Fruit
Name of hotel the Dursleys stayed in whilst on the run from the mysterious letters
Deathly hallows symbol, who else does it relate to?Hint: A feared dark wizard
Chapter 25
How do you arrive in the ministry of magic, book 7?A place of privacy
Male Ravenclaw prefect in Harry's yearHint: Also a member of Dumbledore's army
Dudley's scrawny friend
Who discovers Harry beaten up on the train in half blood prince
Are you a Harry Potter geekcharacter no extra heading
Voldemort goes in hiding here after his 1st defeat
A Weasley who saw a grim and diedHint: Ron's middle name
Soul sucking monsters
Mr Crouch calls Percy thisHint: Rain, snow, sunshine, thunder
Ravenclaw seekerHint: Harry's first crush
George Weasley killed yaxley....who else?Hint: Both boy and girls names
Crookshanks is half cat half......?
Band that played at the yule ballHint: The eccentric siblings
Snape's middle name
What year was dragon breeding outlawed
Scabior's Wand
Malfoy's croniesHint: Yogel and Arbbec
Sirius Black's code name
Name of dimwitted wizard who died in AlbaniaHint: Rebhea kisjorn (anagram)
Chapter 5 deathly Hallows
Cho Chang's SNEAK friend
Goblin who made a replica of Gryffindor swordHint: Goblin
Hermione's turned into this persons cat in Chamber of secretsHint: Slytherin
Gamekeeper prior to Hagrid
Neville's device that allows to remember things
Muggle who runs campsite at quidditch world cup
Got a probity probe stuck up his body
Dead corpses enhanced by magic
Country of origin of Boa constrictor set free in first book in first book
A Ravenclaw in Harry's yearHint: MB
Lee Jordan's Potterwatch name
Head of Auror afetr Rufus Scrimgeour
The Weasley's family owl
Slughorn transfigures into this when hiding from DumbledoreHint: household furniture
Where does Nicholas Flmael live?Hint: South of England
Grawp's nickname for Hermione
Ravenclaw's eccentric student
Dress shop in Diagon alley

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