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Recieved 'Witch Weekly's' most charming smile award 5 times?
Was replaced my Rubeus Hagrid?
Was dicovered as an unregistered animagus in The Goblet of Fire?
Is the seeker for the Irish national quidditch team?
Was sent to Azkaban by his own father?
Who's patronus form changed in the Half Blood Prince?
Was turned into a FULL werewolf by Fenrir Greyback?
Was thought to be eaten by Crookshanks?
Served the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black?
The persons' house that Sirius Black ran away to as a boy?
Her maden name is Evans? (muggle)
He accidentally poisons Ron Weasley with Oak-Matured mead.
He normally commintates the Hogwarts Quidditch matches?
He is a first year that is obsessed with Harry Potter in The Chamber of Secrets?
The only half-giant female in the book series?

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