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Forced Order
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What can't Lupin do?
What does Sirius Black see in the Mirror of Erised?
According to Lupin, what is the Gryffindor Quidditch team's tradition before games?
What is the counter-curse to the jelly-legs jinx?
What is given to a person to ask them to the Yule Ball?
Favorite way of saying red wines in a German accent?
What do Harry and Ron not go to school for?
According to Snape, what could a portkey be?
What will Quirrell do when he rules the world?
What is Malfoy's favorite TV show?
What does Harry want to go with his new Gryffindor tie?
What does Fred have on his shirt?
Where has Harry been all of Ron's life?
What are Hufflepuffs particularly good at?
Who mispronounces Draco's name?
What did Quirrell claim his turban sneezing was?
What did Snape have when he was at school?
What does the Scarf of Sexual Preference say Harry is?
What dragon does Cho Chang have to fight?
According to Dumbledore, what is hidden at Hogwarts? (NOT horcrux)
What is Harry Potter's favorite drink?
What muggle tool does Mr. Weasley use at Platform 9 3l4?
What was Voldemort's favorite thing to do as a boy?
What number does Draco rate Hermione?
Accoring to Draco, where will Harry not last 5 minutes?
What does the Scarf of Sexual Preference say Dumbledore is?
What does Peter Petigrew return holding?
When are the girls allowed to have parties?
What can't Hermione do?
Finish the quote: 'Did you get my text...'

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