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People thought she was a bit loony, her best friends were Neville and Ginny
Molly Weasley killed her. She ended Sirius' life, Voldemort's right hand woman
The pranksters of the school they were, until one of them is killed. 5 siblings they had, in the middle they were
How could you forget her frizzy red hair? She has the brain of an adult which but also the heart of a love potion
Everyone thought he was dead, until Lupin discovered the truth
Great Wizards brother, helps the golden trio cover, in his shop in hogsmeade
Wormatail was his pet, for many years. Firery red ginger hair, sometimes just like his mood, his love is Granger, I'm guessing you've got him now
Killed by Nagini, hated by the Potter's until Deathly Hallows when harry sees his soft side
Who said these were all humans? Which for sure I am not. Many creatures Hagrid has had yet I'm sure I'm the scariest, especially with all my children.
His actor played 2 characters, in the films he was head of the chior. quite short he was the teacher of Charms

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