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Can you enter four-letter words to complete this mycologically themed word ladder?

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• • • with rung 44, a flavorful fungus • • •1
to crush or squash2
a ship's main member3
'Bourne' actor ____ Damon4
to golf on the green6
Stay ____ Marshmallow Man7
• • • with rung 13, a flavorful fungus • • •8
a big bay or huge harbor10
common shorebird11
a heifer's hunk12
• • • with rung 8, a flavorful fungus • • •13
to holler, yell, or summon14
relaxed, at ease15
Miles O'Brien actor ____ Meaney16
a short, fleshy rhizome17
commercial entity (abbr)18
rooster's roost19
karate move20
poker necessity21
large sea vessel22
• • • with rung 36, a flavorful fungus • • •23
Feng ____24
to avoid25
the front of the calf26
gaunt, narrow, skinny27
Castor, to Pollux28
doofus, fool, moron29
'A Round ____,' a folksy souvenir30
a bunch of hair31
President William H. ____32
care, consideration, delicacy33
famous Mexican dish34
Japanese for 'octopus'35
• • • with rung 23, a flavorful fungus • • •36
to create37
a speck or particle39
star-nosed rodent, or a spy undercover40
to shed a coating41
without impact or relevance42
√2, to 243
• • • with rung 1, a flavorful fungus • • •44

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