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Can you guess the animated disney character based on a description of their hair?

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Forced Order
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Her long black hair she cuts and puts into a bun for almost her whole movie.
Her blond hair has a black bow for her entire movie.
He is the only hairless young male in his family, but luckily he wears a purple hat.
She has the longest hair imaginable.
A curse made him full of hair, but when the curse is broken he luckily just has normal hair.
Her bushy red hair flys in the wind while she rides her horse.
His plastic brown hair is somewhat visible under his famous hat.
She loves to put flowers in her black hair, her island is full of them.
When she undoes her bun a new famous hair dew is made like a long blond braid.
I don't think most bugs have hair, but he does... Red hair along with a small beard.
His white hair is connected to one of the most famous white beards.
The candy pieces in her hair are almost as sweet as the candy world she lives in.
A fork is the tool that keeps her hair brushed.
The lightning bolt in his fur on his side is what he believes symbolizes his superpowers.
To stay out the spotlight, like away from her younger brother and supervillians, she keeps her long black hair with a bang over one eye.
His long black hair is what helps bring out his black mustache which are both hard to tend to with a hook.
Spotted fur is what almost turned him into a coat along with his kids and wife.
His dirty fur still attracts a female, a rich female with a rich owner.
His brown hair grew since living in the jungle doesn't require haircuts.
His orange and black striped fur is constantly brushed by his princess.
His hair once was wooden, but now it is just as smooth as any real boy.
Her grey hair looks scary in the way it just stands up, so that's where her two evil daughters got their ugliness from.
His red mane shows that he is the rightful king.
Her long straight black hair attracts did many, even foreign men.
Her famous polka dotted bow sits on her head inbetween her famous ears.
His stunning red hair does give off the vibe of a god.
His blue fur has purple spots and random points, but makes him look even more cuddly to children.
His short white hair flys with him along with his house.
His white beard is seen every Christmas Eve night until the undead kidnapped him.
Her black and white fur makes her feel cozy as she hides in the flowers in the woods.

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