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How many movies don't show a human?
How many disney movies were made by Pixar?
How many disney movies were nominated for best picture at the academy awards?
How many disney songs won best original song at the Academy Awards
How many disney pixar sequels have there been?
How many disney princess films have there been?
How may disney films had princes of an official princess that became a prince because of birth, not by marriage
How many characters from Beauty and the Beast make a cameo in another disney film?
How many disney films star Johnny Depp?
How many disney princess films are taken place in a kingdom that starts with an 'A'?
How many disney movies have gods?
How many disney animated films have at least one scene that take place in England?
How many disney Pixar films have the voice of John Ratzenberger?
How many fairies raise Aurora until she is sixteen?
How many outfits does the human version of Jafar wear in the first movie he appears in?
How many human family members are shown in the Darling family?
How many bearded dwarves work in the diamond mines?
How old are most of the disney princesses in the films they feature in?
Ling, Yao, and Chien Po... Flora Fauna, and Merryweather... Wendy, John, and Michael... What number is the same of those groups?
How many disney princesses are blond haired?
What number is Lightning McQueen on the race track?
How many minutes is the longest animated Disney film? (Over 120 minutes)
How may minutes is the shortest animated disney film? (Under 70 minutes)
What year was the first Princess film released? (Before 1945)
How many disney original animated films are not a musical?
How old is the oldest disney princess?
How old is the youngest disney princess?
How many aliens did Jumba create before 626?
What is the greates number of sequels that Pixar made for a movie?
How many disney princesses did not end up with a prince?

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