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Can you Match the original fairy tale plot with the disney animated film?

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Forced Order
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Original PlotDisney Film
A young girl wants to stay in the new land she had come to, but in order to stay there forever she must kill the one she loves.
A piece on a broken mirror falls on a young boy which drives him to become evil and soon willingly goes to live with the evil Queen of the Snow Bees.
A merchant sets into the woods and accidentally takes a rose from a monster's home. As punishment the beast threatens to take him, but his daughter takes his place.
A young girl is driven to the forest when a hunter warns her that her stepmother has ordered him to kill her. In the woods she befriends dwarves and hides in their house.
Seven fairies give a young baby a gift. One fairy of the seven who is angry for always being overlooked curses the baby to one day fall to an endless sleep.
A young man is adopted by a man who hires him to kidnap the one the young man and he loves. Eventually she is hanged so the young man kills himself by jumping off a church.
A young boy is raised by humans only to be hunted by unknown forces that soon reunite the young man with his true father. The young man fights many beasts on this journey.
When the lost child of a British Lord is found by a human woman, he sets out to find this woman who he fell in love with. This man had lived in the jungle all his life.
A poor town looks up to a man who goes into the castle nearby and gives them food and such.
A prince who is widowed lives with his daughter and remarked to a woman who has six daughters who all treat the prince's daughter evilly.
Original PlotDisney Film
A young woman is stolen from her hometown and is held for ransom after being accused of hurting a foreigner.
A sick couple steals a plant that could heal the dying wife, but as punishment give their firstborn daughter to the witch to raise as her own.
A princess throws a nasty slimy animal against the castle walls which causes the animal to turn into a human man.
A child's toy is turned into a donkey, but is hanged for causing mischief although is revived to a human by a fairy.
For years a woman poses as her father in the army until a brutal war is over.
While being distracted by an evil woman at dinner, the pets of a couple are all taken except two.
An imposter of a young man's uncle tricks the young man into going into a cave to retrieve a magical oil lamp.
A young animal is left with his mother and is abandoned by his father like all the father's of his kind do.
A young boy is trained for years by a wizard in preparation for becoming a king.
A young animals ruins a circus show by dropping a tent and is punished along with his mother in different ways.

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