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Hint3-Letter Word
Tuesday is one of these
The Hoover one was dedicated on Tuesday September 3, 1935
Brookfield Asset Management stock, symbolized as this, would have dropped in worth on Black Tuesday
The ratification of the 21 amendment on Tuesday December 5, 1933 ended the ___ of alcohol.
'Big ___' Roethlisberger was born on Tuesday March 2, 1982
At a spelling one of these someone may be asked to spell the word Tuesday
This Tuesday in Texas was a wrestling pay-per-view so people had to pay a ___ to watch
The final episode of the tv series Friend or ___? aired on Tuesday April 1, 2003
In the front of Tuesdays with Morrie, the dedication says it was written ___ Albom's brother, Peter
On Tuesday, Monday is not close, but ___
Tuesday is named after Tîwaz, the Norse god of this
A collection of 1830 of the default format of package files for the game Doom, ___ (standing for Where's All the Data?), was released on Tuesday December 26, 1995
The day after Tuesday is often abbreviated like this
12am-3am on a Tuesday would be considered the ___ hours of the morning
If she changed her name after marrying Jerramy Stevens on Tuesday November 13, 2003, she would be Hope Stevens ___ Solo.
Tuesday Knight appeared in The Nightmare on Elm Street movies, which may be abbreviated ___
If Tuesday mornings make you lethargic, having one of these energy drinks may help.
On Tuesday February 15, 1898, the USS Maine blew up causing its crew to send out an ___
On Fat Tuesday, people might feast on Asian food with ___ sauce
On Tuesday July 3, 1962, Tom Cruise's mother probably heard 'It's a ___'
Seabiscuit, a horse of this color, was born on Tuesday May 23, 1933
Tuesday is one of these

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