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Can you name the rungs in this 4 letter themed word ladder?

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1. An edible root
2. Good, better, ____
3. A party
4. A hand with clenched fingers
5. Water dwelling creature
6. Something longed for
7. Showing good judgement
8. A thin thread of metal
9. Terminate employment
10. Golfer's cry
11. ____ Gras
12. A sheet of aluminum
13. Something in a spiral
14. Nickel or dime
15. Where a beard is found
16. A Greek letter (plural)
17. Opposite of [rung 20]
18. Skinny
19. A word of comparison
20. Opposite of [rung 17]
21. Where milk comes from
22. Chat through cell phones
23. The one after
24. A lizard-like amphibian
25. Found in the paper
26. Coniferous trees
27. Votes in favor
28. 365 days

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