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The region of the sun that radiates energy to space. The visible surface of the sun.
The fine structure visible on the solar surface caused by convective cells below.
A telescope that employs a lens to bend and concentrate the light from distant objects.
The source of the Sun's energy.
An uninterrupted band of light emitted by an incandescent solid, liquid, or gas under pressure.
The force exerted by electromagnetic radiation from an object such as the Sun.
The property of a lens where by light of different colors is focused at different places.
A narrow jet of rising material in the solar chromosphere.
A bright display of ever-changing light caused by solar radiation interacting with the upper atmosphere in the region of the poles.
The first layer of the solar atmosphere found directly above the photosphere.
A telescope that concentrates light from distant objects by using a concave mirror.
A sudden and tremendous eruption in the solar chromosphere.
The apparent change in wavelength of radiation caused by the relative motions of the source and the observer.
The study of spectra.
A discrete amount (quantum) of electromagnetic energy.
A continuous spectrum with dark lines superimposed.
A dark spot on the Sun, which is cool by contrast to the surrounding photosphere.
The distribution of electromagnetic radiation by wavelength.
reaction A chain of thermonuclear reactions by which a nuclei of hydrogen are built up into nuclei of helium.
Another name for absorption spectrum: A continuous spectrum with dark lines superimposed.
A concentration of material above the solar surface that appears as a bright arch like structure.
Subatomic particles ejected at high speed from the solar corona.
The transfer of energy (heat) through space by electromagnetic waves.
The bright lines produced by an incandescent gas under low pressure.
Two or more radio telescopes that combine their signals to achieve the resolving power of a larger telescope.
A telescope designed to make observations in radio wavelengths.
An instrument for directing viewing the spectrum of a light source.
The outer, tenuous layer of the solar atmosphere.

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