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Forced Order
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What year was Nina born in?
What does Alfie throw at Amber's head during a soccer game?
Who tells Joy that her parents are here to see her in the first episode?
What is the third puzzle piece that they find?
What is Rufus Zeno's alias?
What is Sarah Frobischer-Smythe's alias?
What year was Tut's tomb excavated?
What does Alfie tell his parents he has been promoted to at school?
What is Mara's dad's full name?
What is Mick's dad's name?
How many outfits did Amber have Nina look at for her date with Mick?
What is Victor's last name?
Where do Nina and Fabian find the last puzzle piece?
What does the last puzzle piece say?
What were Nina's numerology numbers that opened the fifth puzzle piece?
What were Sarah's numerology numbers?
How many times does Nina kick the cellar door to warn Alfie it isn't safe to come out?
Which stair is the first key hidden under?
What does Alfie sacrifice for his Sibuna initiation?
Fill in the blank of the clue- '---' is the place to find, and there in the flames you must look behind'
Fill in the blank of the clue- 'under the eyes of horus, a globe and hollow lie. two right for -------- and just one left to die'
What was the message on the wall behind the wallpaper?
What does Amber use to win her campaign in the elections for representative?
Who is the third candidate in the campaign- Amber, Mara, and ---------
After Mara puts up a campaign poster, Alfie sees it and says it looks like a '------ in a cardigan'
What pick-up line does Alfie try on a girl at the party?
What does Victor drink from during one of the Society meetings?
Where is the 6th puzzle piece hidden?
Fill in the blank of the 6th riddle- 'inside the core of my enemy's ----- is where the final relic hides'
What row and seat combination is Joy sitting in at the play?

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