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Forced Order
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What is the first gift that Mick gives Amber?
What two things did Joy leave behind in her room?
Finish the quote by Amber- 'Ugh, who'd want to live forever? Imagine --- -------- ----- ---.' (4 words)
Amber was calling her dad from class in the first episode. What did she tell him she'd seen?
What does Amber sacrifice for Sibuna?
What nickname does Amber give Mick?
What is the first thing Victor says to Nina?
Type the whole riddle inside the telescope. (don't capitalize, no punctuation)
Type the final riddle (don't capitalize, no punctuation)
What is the title of the book that Uncle Ade gives Fabian and Nina?
When Victor caught Fabian and Nina looking through the telescope, what did Nina tell Victor they had been looking for?
What does Victor rig the attic door with?
What object is the following riddle describing? 'Beleathered and clasped, here is the only place where yesterday always follows tomorrow.'
Where was the first puzzle piece hidden?
Where was the second puzzle piece hidden?
Where was the third puzzle piece hidden?
Where was the fourth puzzle piece hidden?
Where was the fifth puzzle piece ORIGINALLY hidden?
Where did Nina and Fabian FIND the fifth puzzle piece?
Where was the sixth puzzle piece hidden?
Where was the seventh puzzle piece hidden?
What quote does Sarah Frobischer-Smythe repeat that she said previously on the recording?
Finish the quote by Sarah Frobischer-Smythe- 'Two steps forward, ----- ----- ----.'
What is Alfie's middle name?
Where do we first hear Alfie's middle name?
What does Jerome buy Alfie with Rufus's money?
What does the poster in Amber's room say?

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