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DefinitionVocab Word
Works considered by scholars, critics, and teachers to be most important
character that gives rise to the conflict of the story
allows for two or more simultaneous interpretations of a word
universal symbols that evoke deep and sometimes unconscious responses in the reader
character that does not change throughout the work
character that displays inconsistencies and internal conflicts
character that undergoes some kind of change because of the action in the plot
character with only one or two qualities that describe them
character that follows stereotypes
the struggle within the plot between two characters
a familiar technique of literature
a literary approach that suggests that literature does not have a fixed or single meaning
a turning point in the action of a story that has powerful effect on the protagonist
informational diction spoken by definable groups of people
a verbal exchange between characters
when a character suddenly experiences a deep realization about him or herself
a scene that marks a break in the narrative order to inform the reader about past events
DefinitionVocab Word
a character whose values contrast with another character
verbal or dramatic hints that suggest what is to come
reading literature while ignoring any historical influences
the 'I' point of view
a character that reveals an interpretation of the story different from the authors interpretation
characters that are said to be youthfully innocent
a person who is all knowing and is not a character
evaluates a character for the reader
where characters actions speak for themselves
when an author restricts a narrator to a single perspective
an approach to literature that emphasizes the interaction between the historic context and the modern readers understanding
a central character who engages the readers interest and empathy
an approach to literature that focuses on the reader instead of the work itself
a point in the story when the protagonists fortune turns in an unexpected direction
approach to literature that examines social groups, relationships, and values
the anxious anticipation of a reader as the out-come of a story

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