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SignificanceNameExtra Info
____ Gardoqui Treaty
Created Albany Regency
contends that the genders had equal ability and deserved equal education, supported Republican motherhood
XYZ Affair (French Foreign Minister)
First European expedition to modern US/cross Mississippi River
said if colonists fight in french-indian war, England pays for all costs
urged house of burgesses to adopt resolutions against parliament (Virginia lawyer and planter)
Cotton Gin
Maryland, created safe haven for catholics
Established Georgia
Conquered the Aztecs
criticized George III for policies, British editor
New Jersey Plan (Constitution)
Conquered the Incas
allowed representative government in Virginia
Treaty of San Lorenzo
Had his group of friends who benefited from land, Supported no-expansion in south
Famous explorer trying to find northwest passage
Led 2nd Great Awakening
Linked christian piety and republican ideals
Friends of Governor Berkeley, led rebellion against Indians and Rich
Reform: Called for diet change and no alcohol (Mid 19th century)
predestination, accused clergy of following belief taht good work were key to salvation
Led first expedition to Florida
to mobilize Americans in an American Foreign Legion (Help French during French Revolution)
Crossed Isthmus of Panama
Phrenology chief supporters
SignificanceNameExtra Info
James Town Captain and leader
Fought against Salutary Rigor (Writs of Assistance)
Led a rebellion against settlers moving into Mississippi Valley
First secretary of MA board of Education
Drafted proposal for constitution
Tobacco bringer from West Indies
First to circumnavigate the world (died on passage)
Telegraph Inventor
Leader of Temperance Movement (Mid 1840)
Famouse people who employed sulfuric ether during surgery (innovation on medicine)
Important in Abolition Movement (sisters)
Revolutionary man in entertainment industry (Created American Museum in 1841)
wagered war against Dutch to acquire New Netherlands
lead wampanoag against the Europeans, sachem angered at expansion
Pro-British Mohawk Leader during Revolutionary War
During Age of Reform, women who fought for rights
Viriginia Plan (Constitution)
Father of New France
City upon a Hill
Wrote 51 of 85 articles in Federalist Papers
Portuguese Sailor who navigated to West Indies
Challenged Notion of Separate Spheres
Argued for complete separation of church and state
led crowd against custom officials, killed in Boston Massacre
Leading Trancendentalist
Natural, individual rights, resist unjust governments

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