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States can be sued by citizens of other states1793
Marshall establishes idea of judicial review1803
Marshall upholds Yazoo land scandal1810
States cannot tax the federal government/Bank of U.S.1819
New Hampshire attempts to force a college to become a public institution1819
Federal government has power over interstate commerce1824
'The conditions of the Indians in relation to the United States is perhaps unlike that of any two people in existence,' Chief Justice John Marshall wrote, 'their relation to the Un1831
Established tribal autonomy within boundaries. Tribes were now distinct political communities having territorial boundaries within which their authority is exclusive.1832
Labor unions were lawful and a strike was a lawful weapon1842
Slaves are property, not citizens, so cannot be considered residents of free states1857
Court undermined authority of the federal government to act against monopolies1895
Legalizes idea of separate but equal1896
Several U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning the status of territories acquired by the U.S. in the Spanish-American War (1898). The United States Congress to govern territories sinc1901
Recognizes 10-hour work day for women in Oregon1908
Freedom of speech is limited if it represents a clear and present danger1919
Fear of radicals and immigrants following a murder1921
Forbids teaching of evolution in public schools1925
Upheld the constitutionality of detention camps for Japenese-Americans during World War 21941
Declares separate but equal is unconstitutional1954
Ends law of forbidding the use of contraceptives1965
Those who subjected to in-custody interrogation be advised o ftheir constutional rights to an attorney and their right to remain silent1966
Legalized abortion by ruling that states laws could not restrict it during the first three months of pregnancy1973

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