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____ President
____ Grip
Kind of credit card
Girls name
Another way of spelling [rung 5]
Stand up
____ Krispies
Used in gambling
____ Grayson (aka Robin)
What you do to an ice cream cone
The missing ____
Hot ____
Coniferous tree
Tip of a fork
'I don't think I like your ____ of voice!'
Something you might give to a dog
Lead singer of U2
____ nucleosis
Detective Adrian ____
Kind of animal used for nice furs
Where you might play hockey
Strategic board game
Floppy ____
Thing you eat on
'When you ____ upon a star...'
You do this before you dry
Paper money
Actors in a movie
Total amount to pay
Kind of gun; ____ revolver
When birds lose their feathers
Chocolate ____
Nathan ____
Atmospheric moisture that lessens visibility
To stun by hitting somebody
Take a nap
Stupid person
Over and ____
Hill made of sand
Slam ____
What the Titanic did
Mope about
Fine fabric
Delicious beverage
63,360 inches
Cross between a horse and a donkey
Cannot speak
Medieval instrument

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