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'O, how this ____ _____ up toward my ______! _______ ______, ____, thou _____ sorrow!'
says he suffering from a medical cond. thought 2 afflict women - associates being so low w/ becoming effeminate 
'having more ___ than ___ about me'
courage/action seen as masc. and valued above rhetoric: hyper-masculine 
Gon. (2 Alb): 'No, no, my lord, this _____ _______ and _____ of yours'
criticising husband's lack of masculinity 
LADY MACBETH (2 husband): 'too full o' the ____ of _____ _______'
link 2 what Gon says to Alb. - associating men w/ women's capacity to nuture kids 
(2 gods, about Gon.): 'into her _____ convey _____'
wanting to take away from Gon what makes women 'useful' in their society 
(2 gods, about Gon.): 'she may feel how _____ than a _______ _____ it is to have a ______ ______'
pissed off bout how his kids treated her. Biblical connotations  
(2 Reg.): 'most ______-like'
comparative elevates betrayal by connoting the very well known image of betrayal from the Bible 
(2 Gon.): 'I am _____ that thou ____ ______ to ____ my _______ thus'
L's disgust/horror at the idea of women having so much influence over him. feels stripped of self-esteem now he's lost his patiarchal power/authority/soc. stat. 
Edg (afta killing Ed): 'the ____ and ____ place where thee he got ____ him his ____'
Ed's mum's female body compared to hell. Suggests Glo's fate is his own fault for **** with this 'hell' 
(2 Poor Tom): 'hang ____ o'er men's ____ _____ on thy ______'
L assumes Tom has daughters too - only reason he can see for him getting into this state. 2 L, all the world's problems are caused by these hoes 
Edg (as Tom): '_____ thy ____ ______ to ______'
Edg. never **** over by women in the play yet he still blamin them like L does. Ramblings of a supposed madman/S.speare implying this attitude 2wards yats is cray/associating it w/ madness in general rather than L's personal situation? 
(2 Gon.): 'thou art .... my _____, or rather a ______ that's in my _____'
Gon's name like 'gonorrhea' - comparing her to a venereal disease: L associating her disloyalty w/ consequences of sexual promiscuity - oppressive to women? 

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