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“I was now _____. In the university whither I was going I must ____ __ ___ _____ and __ __ ___ _________.'
Vic's initial isolation 
'I ______ my ______ _______ as if I had been ______ of a ______.'
Vic kind of imprisioned himself 
'If for ___ _______ I had thought what might be the _____ _______ of my ______ ________, I would rather have _______ _____ _______ from my _____ ________ ...
Vic would rather isolate himself then face the troubles of his reality 
'... and wandered a ________ _______ over the ______ than have _____ to this _______ _______
Vic would rather isolate himself then face the troubles of his reality 
'the _____ _____ becomes a _______ ______. But even the enemy of ____ and ___ had ______ and ________ in his _____; I am _____'
Monster has not friends unlike Satan 
Adam had his ______ to his _____, but ____ ___ _____?'
Adam had a relationship with his creator unlike Monster 
'Satan had his _______, _____ devils, to _____ and ________ him, but I am ______ and ______'
Satan had more friends than monster 
The DeLacey's rejection breaks: 'the only ___ that ____ me to the ______'
DeLaceys reject Monster 
'I felt ___ also, and ____ frightened, as it were _______, finding myself so _______'
Monster's isolation 
'Like ___, on a ______ road / Doth walk in ____ and _____
Vic quotes Rime of the Ancient Mariner 
'I have __ _____, Margaret'
Walton tells Margaret about his isolation 
'treat a person ___ and he will become ______'
Percy Shelley 
Mon's abandonment '___ ______' than Vic's
Ellen Moers 

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