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QuoteMissing Words (put a comma and space if Hint
'I was so _____ by the _____ ____ that seemed to be but one _____ of _______ to me'Post-birth umbilical cord that Vic spends the novel cutting
'the _____ of the _______ of domestic ________'From Percy Shelley's preface, one of novel's main concerns
'I feel _____ ____ in dwelling on the _______ of _______'Childhood
'Alas, my father doesn't _____ ____ __'Relationship with father
to '_______ him from the ______ ____ of his _______'Reason Vic follows Clerval
'I am __________ because I am _________'2 Ms
'I thought I saw _______ ... her _____ appeared to change and I thought that I held the _______ of __ ____ ______ in my arms'Vic's dream
'like a ___ _________ ______'Justine's role towards William
'The _______ _____ of my father had taken of my _____'Shows partiarchy of the fam
'a continual _______ of the _______'Justine
'my _____ ... my _____ ____ of future happiness were placed on the _______ of ____ ______'Caroline's dying words

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