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Can you answer these clues related to March events from each year in the 20th century?

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1901An assassination attempt is made on this German Emperor.
1902A Circuit Court prevents this American inventor from having a monopoly on motion picture technology.
1903The first ever women-only hotel opens in this American metropolis.
1904In the Russo-Japanese war, Russian troops retreat from this country.
1905The First Crisis named after this country is triggered when the German Emperor declares his support of its sovereignty, provoking France.
1906This American women's rights activist dies.
1907The first ever elections with women candidates are held in this modern-day country, a Grand Duchy under the Russian tsar at the time.
1908The first Scout troop outside the UK is founded in this European overseas territory.
1909Serbia accepts Austrian control of this country.
1910After ca. 2000 years, slavery is made illegal in this country.
1911This founder of Scientology is born.
1912The last members of Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to this region die.
1913This Russian royal house celebrates the 300th anniversary of its succession to the throne.
1914The first true study of this Chilean island begins.
1915France, Britain and Russia agree to give this then-capital city to Russia after a victory in the World War.
1916After a raid in New Mexico, the US send troops to Mexico to pursue this revolutionary.
1917This city is shelled from 114km away by a giant German cannon.
1918This country's involvement in World War I ends with the treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
1919This communist organization advocating world communism is founded.
1920Miklós Horthy takes power in this country.
1921The Peace of Riga establishes the borders between Soviet Russia and this recently independent country, the war's victor.
1922Mohandas Gandhi is arrested in this Indian city.
1923After suffering his third stroke, this man retires from his position as chairman of the Soviet government.
1924The caliphate is abolished in this country, which recently became a republic.
1925This US president is sworn in, the first inauguration broadcast on radio.
1926The conservative/republican party Fianna Fáil is founded in this country.
1927This country mobilizes for countering an anticipated attack by Yugoslavia.
1928A request from this US territory for autonomous rule is rejected.
1929The Jinan Incident ends with this country's withdrawal from the Chinese Shandong province.
1930This man begins the so-called Salt March.
1931Gambling is legalized in this US state.
1932Puyi is installed as emperor in this Japanese puppet state.
1933Following the Enabling Act, this German chancellor gains dictatorial power.
1934This US colony is granted more self-governance.
1935This country changes its name to Iran.
1936Nazi Germany reoccupies this area in violation of the Versailles Treaty.
1937This pope criticizes national socialism and communism in two encyclicals.
1938This country is annexed by Germany.
1939This man assumes power in Spain.
1940The Winter War ends with Finland surrendering to this country.
1941The Lend-Lease Act is signed by this US president.
1942Anti-air shells are fired at an unidentified flying object over this California city.
1943German forces massacre the villagers of Khatyn in this modern-day country.
1944This Scandinavian country decriminalizes homosexuality.
1945This man forms a government in Yugoslavia.
1946This man becomes president of North Vietnam.
1947A rebellion against French colonial rule breaks out on this African island.
1948This motorcycle gang is founded in California.
1949This term describing the beginning of the universe is coined by astronomer Fred Hoyle.
1950A referendum on the return of King Leopold is held in this country.
1951The office of foreign minister is re-introduced in Germany and taken by this chancellor.
1952In a coup, this dictator regains power in Cuba.
1953This Soviet dictator dies of a stroke.
1954The USSR recognizes this communist country's sovereignty.
1955This scientist, known for the discovery of penicillin, dies.
1956This country becomes the first Islamic republic.
1957The British colonies Gold Coast and Togoland become independent as this country.
1958This man becomes premier of the Soviet Union.
1959After an uprising in Lhasa, the Dalai Lama flees this Chinese-administered region.
1960The iconic photograph 'Guerrillero Heroico', depicting this revolutionary, is taken in Havana.
1961An incursion against Portuguese colonial rule takes place in this African colony, leading to a war for independence.
1962This French colony in Africa becomes independent after over 7 years of war.
1963This famous island prison closes.
1964A coup starts 21 years of military dictatorship in this South American country.
1965Nicolae Ceaușescu becomes first secretary of this country's Communist Party.
1966The Soviet probe Luna 10, the first to enter orbit around this celestial body, is launched.
1967Civil war between the government and the Khmer Rouge begins in this country.
1968This African island nation gains independence from the UK.
1969This woman becomes prime minister of Israel.
1970Rhodesia, today known as this country, declares itself an independent republic.
1971Hafez al-Assad, father of current president Bashar al-Assad, becomes this country's president.
1972Jean-Bédel Bokassa becomes president of this country.
1973The last US troops leave this country after the war.
1974This collection of statues is discovered in China.
1975King Faisal of this country is killed by his nephew.
1976Several countries recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, located in this disputed area.
1977This planet's rings are dicovered.
1978Due to Soviet intervention, this country is victorious against Somalia in the Ogaden War.
1979After 179 years of presence, the last British soldier leaves this mediterranean island.
1980This man is elected Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.
1981This US president is wounded in an assassination attempt.
1982An embargo is placed on this North African country by the US for alleged support of terrorist groups.
1983Umberto II, who had been this country's last king, dies.
1984Iran accuses this country of using chemical weapons.
1985This man becomes leader of the Soviet Union.
1986This software company holds its initial public offering of stock shares.
1987This American automobile manufacturer acquires American Motors.
1988Oliver North and John Poindexter are indicted on charges of conspiracy because of this scandal.
1989Twelve European Community countries agree to ban the production of these chemicals because of the damage to the ozone layer they cause.
1990This country becomes independent from South Africa.
1991The emir of this country returns home after the end of Iraqi occupation.
1992White South Africans vote for reforms to end this policy.
1993This country refuses inspectors to access its nuclear sites.
1994Electors in this country vote against reunification with Romania.
1995With its ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, this US state becomes the last to approve the abolition of slavery.
1996Rebels from this region attack Russian government headquarters in Grozny.
1997Supporters of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko are ejected from the cabinet by the new prime minister in this country.
1998Indications for a liquid water ocean under the ice crust of this Galilean moon are found.
1999Luis María Argaña, this South American country's vice President, is assassinated.
2000This pope apologizes for the catholic church's past misdeeds.

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