20th Century History: February

Can you answer these clues related to February events from each year in the 20th century?

1901Germany and the UK agree on the borders between German East Africa and Nyasaland, which today is this country.
1902This American aviator, known for the first solo transatlantic flight, is born.
1903Cuba leases this territory to the US.
1904A Japanese surprise attack on Port Arthur starts a war with this country.
1905This Russian-American philosopher, founder of Objectivism, is born.
1906The British Royal Navy launches this famous battleship, which sparks a naval arms race between Britain and Germany.
1907This Russian chemist, creator of the first periodic table, dies.
1908King Carlos I and heir apparent Luís Filipe of this country are assassinated.
1909This Apache leader, namesake to the famous US paratroopers' exclamation, dies.
1910Boutros Ghali, this North African country's first native-born prime minister, is assassinated.
1911Mail is first transported by this vehicle.
1912The abdication of Chinese emperor Puyi brings this dynasty's reign to an end, with China becoming a republic.
1913In a coup, Francisco I. Madero, president of this North American country, and his vice president are forced to resign and assassinated shortly after.
1914Construction of the memorial to this US president begins in Washington.
1915Three of the conspirators from this country, responsible for the assassination of the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand, are executed.
1916The largest battle in history up to this point begins near this French town.
1917Germany announces the resume of 'unrestricted' warfare with this type of war machine.
1918Russia switches from the Julian calendar to this.
1919This city, today the capital of Slovakia, is forcibly annexed by the new country of Czechoslovakia despite resistance by the ethnic German and Hungarian majority.
1920After a war against the occupying USSR, this Baltic country achieves independence.
1921During the Russian Civil War, Soviet troops capture this Caucasus country's capital and install a communist government.
1922Egypt is granted nominal independence by this colonial power.
1923This German scientist, discoverer of x-rays, dies.
1924An agreement is reached in the Treaty of Rome for the Free State of Fiume to be annexed by this country.
1925The ban on this right-wing party, imposed after an attempted coup d'état, is lifted in Bavaria.
1926Mussolini defends the Italianization of this recently-annexed region, inhabited by an ethnic German majority.
1927The uncertainty principle is formulated by this physicist.
1928The US department of war announces that this weapon type has improved substantially since its invention in the First World War, and will form the nucleus of future armies.
1929The Lateran Treaty establishes this enclave as an independent nation.
1930The existence of this dwarf planet is confirmed (classified as a planet at the time).
1931This future president of Russia is born.
1932Japan declares this country, a Japanese puppet state, independent from China.
1933This German government building is set on fire, which the Nazis use as justification for revoking many civil liberties.
1934After a few days of skirmishes with socialist forces, fascists gain power in this central European country.
1935In violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany establishes its air force, known as this in German.
1936The League of Nations moves to its new headquarters, the Palace of Nations, which is still used by the UN today, situated in this Swiss city.
1937After a sit-down strike, the United Automobile Workers' Union is recognized by this American motor company.
1938King Carol II of this eastern European country takes dictatorial powers.
1939This central-eastern European country joins the Anti-Comintern Pact.
1940In Tibet, 4 year old Tenzin Gyatso is proclaimed the 14th to hold this title.
1941This German general is appointed commander of the Afrika Korps.
1942Japan conducts the first air raids against this Oceanian nation.
1943The German 6th army surrenders, bringing the famous battle for this Russian city to an end.
1944This Pacific island group, today an independent country, is captured by US troops.
1945US marines land on this Japanese island, resulting in a heavy battle.
1946This man is elected president of Argentina.
1947This German state, which was in a dominant position since German reunification, is officially abolished by the Allied Control Council.
1948Miranda, this planet's innermost moon, is discovered.
1949Chaim Weizmann begins his term as the first president of this country.
1950This German chancellor tries, unsuccessfully, to start reunification with East Germany.
1951The United Nations declare this country an aggressor in the Korean War.
1952After the death of King George VI, he is succeeded by this princess.
1953Francis Crick and James Watson announce their discovery of the structure of this molecule.
1954Mass vaccination against this disease begins in Pittsburgh, United States.
1955This founder of Apple, Inc. is born.
1956This Soviet leader denounces the policies of his predecessor, Joseph Stalin.
1957Dedan Kimayathi, leader of the Mau Mau uprising and fighter for the independence of this east African country, is executed by the British colonial government.
1958Egypt unites with this country to form the United Arab Republic.
1959While women in Nepal can vote for the first time, a referendum in this Western European country turns women's suffrage down.
1960France conducts its first atomic bomb test in the Sahara desert in this modern-day country, a French colony at the time.
1961A colonial war begins in this Portuguese colony in Africa.
1962The US embargo against this communist nation comes into effect.
1963General Ne Win, this Asian country's president, orders the nationalization of all banks in the country.
1964Greeks and Turks begin fighting on this island.
1965This African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist is assassinated.
1966The Australian pound is replaced by this.
1967Suharto succeeds Sukarno as president of this Asian country.
1968Border clashes occur between Israel and this neighboring country.
1969This well-known Boeing plane makes its first flight.
1970This recently independent South American country becomes a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations.
1971This country is invaded by South Vietnamese and American troops.
1972The British embassy in this Western European capital is burned down.
1973Construction of this Toronto landmark begins.
1974This Malaysian capital becomes a federal territory.
1975Richard Ratsimandrava is sworn in as president of the Malagasy Republic, today known as this country, and assassinated six days later.
1976This country withdraws its forces from Western Sahara.
1977The Congress for Democracy forms as an offshoot of the Indian National Congress over disputes with the latter's leader, this woman.
1978In Mexico City, the remains of a great pyramid, part of this former Aztec city, are found.
1979The Islamic Revolution in this country ends.
1980Followers of the John Frum cargo cult declare independence from this Oceanian country as the nation of Tafea.
1981The so-called Bush War starts in this country when rebels attack the capital of Kampala.
1982Senegal and this country form a confederation.
1983In an event now known as Black Friday, the bolívar, this country's currency, is devalued.
1984This man succeeds Yuri Andropov as General secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1985William J. Schroeder becomes the first patient to leave hospital with this artificial body part.
1986This Soviet space station is launched.
1987This airline is privatized and listed on the London Stock Exchange.
1988The region of Nagorno-Karabakh votes to secede from this Soviet Socialist Republic, triggering a war.
1989All Soviet troops leave this country.
1990This future South African president is released from prison after 27 years.
1991The Gulf War ends with the defeat of this country.
1992George H. W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin formally declare this conflict over.
1993This building complex in New York City is bombed.
1994The International Court of Justice rules that the Aouzou Strip belongs to this country, rather than its neighbor Libya.
1995One of the planners of the aforementioned 1993 bombing is arrested in this city in Pakistan.
1996With René Préval succeeding Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the first ever peaceful handover of power occurs in this North American country.
1997Divorce becomes legal in this majority catholic European nation.
1998War in this Balkans region begins.
1999An assassination attempt against Islam Karimov, this Central Asian country's president, takes place.
2000This comic strip is printed for the last time, a day after its author Charles M. Schulz dies.
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