20th Century History: April

Can you answer these clues related to April events from each year in the 20th century?

1901This Japanese emperor is born.
1902The first full-time movie theater in the US opens in this Californian city.
1903The Kishinev Pogrom takes place in this country.
1904France and the UK sign this agreement, which forms the basis of Anglo-French cooperation in World War I.
1905Sweden's prime minister resigns over the issue of the union with this modern-day country.
1906An earthquake destroys much of this US city.
1907The Imperial Conference begins in this city, assigning dominion status to British self-governing colonies.
1908This Austro-Hungarian industrialist, known for saving 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust, is born.
1909This city is founded by the Jewish community near Jaffa.
1910This comet is visible from Earth.
1911Pierre Prier completes the first non-stop flight between London and this city.
1912This ocean liner sinks in the northern Atlantic Ocean.
1913The opening of this country's first parliament takes place in Peking.
1914US forces occupy the city of Veracruz, located in this country.
1915British, French, Australian and New Zealand troops land on this Ottoman peninsula.
1916The Easter Rising occurs, an attempt to achieve independence for this country.
1917This country joins World War I by declaring war on Germany.
1918This most successful fighter pilot in World War I dies in combat.
1919This leader of the Mexican Revolution is assassinated.
1920This man, later the first president of the Republic of Turkey, founds its parliament, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
1921The first sports broadcast on the radio takes place when a Pittsburgh station provides a live commentary of an event in this sport.
1922This man is appointed General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks).
1923Prince Albert, later known as this British king, marries Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later known as The Queen Mother.
1924This party wins the Italian election by a landslide, using Acerbo Law to get 2/3 of the parliament seats.
1925This world power returns to the gold standard, leading to temporary financial stability, an example many countries would follow.
1926At his father's coronation, Mohammad Reza (later Reza Pahlavi) is proclaimed Crown Prince of this country.
1927This Swedish car company finishes production of its first car.
1928This majority muslim country implements separation of church and state.
1929This creator of the first automobile dies.
1930This man's 'Salt March' ends.
1931This German automobile manufacturer, today mainly known for its sports cars, is founded.
1932This former field marshal is re-elected president of Germany.
1933The International Court of Justice decides that this island belongs to Denmark and condemns Norwegian landings on it.
1934A photo is taken of the monster reputedly inhabiting this Scottish lake, which would 60 years later be proven a hoax.
1935Robert Watson-Watt receives a patent on this aircraft-detecting technology.
1936An Arab revolt against British rule and Jewish immigration begins in this region.
1937This Spanish city is bombed by the German Luftwaffe, an event depicted in a famous Picasso painting.
1938A treaty is signed that sees the UK recognize Italian control of this African country, in exchange for removing all troops from Spain after the civil war.
1939The Spanish Civil War comes to end, with a Nationalist victory under this leader.
1940Following a German invasion, this man proclaims a collaborationist regime in Norway.
1941Germany invades Greece and this country.
1942This island is awarded the British George Cross for withstanding a prolonged German siege under near constant bombardment.
1943An uprising in this city's Jewish ghetto begins.
1944The US Air Force accidentally bombs this neutral country.
1945This Italian dictator is killed.
1946This international organization disbands and is replaced by the United Nations.
1947This man becomes the first African-American to play in MLB since 1887.
1948Civil War in this Central American country ends with a rebel victory.
1949This country's continued membership in the Commonwealth as a republic is agreed.
1950This country formally annexes the West Bank.
1951General Douglas MacArthur is relieved of his command by this president.
1952The National Revolution occurs in this South American country.
1953Watson and Crick's description of the double helix structure of this molecule is published.
1954This US president gives his 'domino theory' speech.
1955This British prime minister resigns due to health problems.
1956France ends its protectorate in the northern part of this African country, a first step towards its independence.
1957The first new conscripts were called up to this new German military.
1958Sputnik 2, carrying this famous space traveler, burns up in the atmosphere.
1959Shoda Michiko becomes the first commoner to marry into this country's imperial house, marrying the crown prince and current emperor.
1960The capital of Brazil is relocated from Rio de Janeiro to this new city.
1961This cosmonaut becomes the first human in space.
1962This man is elected prime minister of India for the third time.
1963Separatists from this region bomb three locations, including a recruitment center of the Canadian army.
1964Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge, forming this country.
1965Demonstrations in Yerevan demand recognition of the genocide of this people at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.
1966Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie visits Jamaica and meets with leaders of this religion, which worships him as a messiah.
1967A military dictatorship under Georgios Papadopoulos is established in this country.
1968This leader of the civil rights movement in the USA is assassinated.
1969The first transplantation of this human organ is performed in Houston, Texas.
1970US President Richard Nixon signs bill limiting this product advertisements from 1st Jan 1971.
1971Francois 'Doc' Duvalier, dictator of this Caribbean countries, dies.
1972The first multilateral disarmament treaty banning the production of an entire category of weapons is signed to ban this type of weaponry.
1973This skyscraper opens in New York City.
1974West German chancellor Willy Brandt's secretary is exposed as a spy for this country.
1975The Cambodian Civil War ends with this communist faction capturing Phnom Penh.
1976This technology company is founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
1977Cambodian forces attack this communist country, leading to over 14 years of war.
1978After a coup d'état known as Saur Revolution, this Central Asian country enters long period of instability and wars.
1979Tanzanian troops occupy Kampala, forcing this Ugandan dictator to flee.
1980Beatrix becomes this country's queen after her mother's abdication.
1981More than $3.3 million is stolen in the then largest US bank robbery in history that took place in this Arizona city.
1982Argentina invades this UK overseas territory, starting this eponymous war.
1983The US embassy is bombed in this Middle Eastern country.
1984The discovery of this virus is announced.
1985Enver Hoxha, this communist country's leader, dies.
1986Nuclear disaster occurs in this Soviet power plant.
1987China and this country sign an agreement to return Macau to China in 1999.
1988The Geneva Accords are signed, regulating this country's withdrawal from Afghanistan.
1989Students begin protesting in this Beijing square.
1990This space telescope is launched.
1991This country bitterly accepts a UN resolution to destroy or remove, among other things, all of its chemical or biological weapons.
1992After this country declares independence from Yugoslavia and an uprising of Serbs, Serbian troops besiege its capital.
1993This country votes for independence from Ethiopia.
1994Genocide against the Tutsi people begins in this country.
1995168 people die in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in this city.
1996Much of this city is destroyed after fighting breaks out during the First Liberian Civil War.
1997France withdraws support of Mobutu Sese Seko in favor of this country's transitional government.
1998This Cambodian dictator dies.
1999This Canadian territory, an Inuit homeland, is created.
2000Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich files a lawsuit against this file-sharing software company, leading to its shutdown
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