20th Century History: January

Can you answer these clues related to January events from each year in the 20th century?

1901This queen of the United Kingdom, who reigned for over 63 years, dies.
1902Empress Dowager Cixi returns to Beijing after this uprising.
1903King Edward VII is proclaimed emperor of this country, like his predecessor.
1904The distress signal CQD is established, which would two years later be replaced by this.
1905This famous railway line opens in Russia.
1906The shah of this country is forced by revolutionaries to grant a constitution.
1907An earthquake hits this Caribbean island, then still under British rule.
1908Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod expedition sets sail to explore this continent.
1909The volcano on Stromboli Island, which belongs to this country, erupts.
1910A fire destroys the parliament and sultan's residence in this city.
1911New South Wales cedes the territory of this future Australian capital to the federal government.
1912Imperial rule ends in this east Asian country.
1913In a coup d'état, Ismail Enver Pascha comes to power in this empire.
1914This American automobile manufacturer announces the eight-hour work day.
1915The Ottoman army conducts a raid on this strategically important canal, held by the UK.
1916This European capital is first bombed by German zeppelins in World War I.
1917For $25 million, the Danish West Indies, part of the Virgin Islands, are sold to this country.
1918The 'Fourteen Points' speech is delivered by this US president.
1919The Paris Peace Conference opens in this palace.
1920This country refuses to extradite the German Kaiser, who was living there in exile.
1921This man, who would later become Prime Minister of the UK, becomes Secretary of State for the Colonies.
1922Arthur Griffith is elected President of Dáil Éireann, the parliament of this recently autonomous country.
1923France and Belgium occupy this German territory.
1924This leader of the Russian revolution dies.
1925Norway's capital, Kristiania, renames itself back to this.
1926This biggest German airline is founded.
1927In the so-called Banana Wars, the United States invade and occupy this country in Central America.
1928This Russian revolutionary is arrested and exiled.
1929This Catholic missionary begins charity work in Calcutta.
1930This international organization, founded in the aftermath of World War I, observes its 10th anniversary.
1931This inventor submits his last patent application.
1932After various conflicts with the Japanese, this Chinese leader instructs the military to prepare for defending China's national existence.
1933This man is appointed chancellor of Germany.
1934Germany signs a non-aggression pact with this neighboring country.
1935The Barker Gang is killed in a shootout with this US law enforcement agency.
1936Italy is criticized for the bombing of hospitals and use of poison gas in this country recently invaded by them.
1937This US president is sworn in for his second term.
1938In the Metro tunnels of this Spanish city, a large amount of ammunition from the ongoing civil war explodes, killing at least 96 people.
1939This disappeared aviation pioneer is declared dead.
1940This leading Nazi, commander of the Luftwaffe, assumes control of most war-related industries in Germany.
1941British and Australian forces attack this Italian colony.
1942The Japanese and US fight the Battle of Bataan in this modern-day country.
1943The first ghetto uprisings in this city begin.
1944The United States invade several Japanese-held islands belonging to this modern-day Oceanian country.
1945The Red Army liberates this infamous concentration camp.
1946The first meeting of the United Nations is held in this capital.
1947This famous gangster, boss of the Chicago Outfit, dies.
1948This Indian pacifist is assassinated.
1949In Israel's first elections, this man becomes prime minister.
1950In response to the Soviet Union's first atomic bomb tests, president Truman orders the development of this type of bomb.
1951In the Korean War, this city is captured by Communist troops for the second time.
1952Jonas Salk develops the first effective vaccine against this disease.
1953This former general takes office as president of the United States.
1954This first nuclear powered submarine is launched by the US navy.
1955This Allied country announces the end of the war with Germany.
1956Gamal Abdel Nasser, leader of Egypt, vows to reconquer this region.
1957Israel withdraws from this peninsula, captured from Egypt the previous October.
1958Three months after its launch, this satellite falls from its orbit and burns up.
1959The USA and USSR recognize the new Cuban government under this man.
1960This man announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.
1961The US severs diplomatic relations with this Caribbean country, which would not be restored until 2015.
1962A coup and counter-coup occur in this Caribbean nation.
1963The United Kingdom's entry in the European Common Market is vetoed by this French president.
1964The US government first acknowledges this habit to be unhealthy.
1965Protests break out in India, because of which this predominant language does not become the official language of India.
1966The home of civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer is bombed by the White Knights, considered the most militant chapter of this white supremacist organization.
1967Spain and West Germany establish relations with this Eastern European country, which would continue to be one of few Communist countries on good terms with the West.
1968This campaign is started by Viet Cong forces in the Vietnam War.
1969The USSR launches probes Venera 5 and 6 toward this planet.
1970In this African country, the civil war ends with the capitulation of the Republic of Biafra, whose secession sparked the war.
1971This dictator seizes power in Uganda.
1972The development of this NASA spacecraft is initiated.
1973This man becomes President for Life in the Philippines.
1974Bülent Ecevit becomes Prime Minister of this country.
1975A constitution reform reduces the role of the monarch to representation in this northern European country.
1976The trial of this communist terrorist group begins in Germany.
1977This US president succeeds Gerald Ford.
1978A referendum in Chile supports the policies of this dictator.
1979This Cambodian dictator is deposed by Vietnamese forces.
1980Piersanti Mattarella, president of Sicily, is assassinated by this criminal organization.
1981Jiang Qing, widow of this Chinese leader, is sentenced to death.
1982'Elk Cloner', the first of this type of malicious computer program, is written.
1983The migration from ARPANET to TCP/IP is completed, marking the beginning of this.
1984This personal computer, developed by Apple, is first sold.
1985This Danish autonomous region leaves the European Economic Community.
1986This Space Shuttle disintegrates after start, killing 7 astronauts.
1987In Canada, the town of Frobisher Bay changes its name to Iqaluit, which had always been used by this native people.
1988The USSR begins this program of economical restructuring.
1989This long-reigning Emperor of Japan dies.
1990After a US invasion, General Manuel Noriega is deposed as this country's leader.
1991Harald V becomes king of this Scandinavian country.
1992Several countries declare independence from this multiethnic Balkans nation.
1993In the Velvet Divorce, this central European country dissolves into two new countries.
1994Bill Clinton and this Russian president sign the Kremlin accords, stopping the preprogrammed aiming of nuclear weapons at each other's countries.
1995The opening statements on this famous murder case take place.
1996This European country stops nuclear weapon tests.
1997This woman becomes the first female Secretary of State in the US.
1998Terrorist Ted Kaczynski, also known as this, pleads guilty.
1999This European currency is established.
2000 This company announces the largest corporate merger in history with an agreement to buy Time Warner.
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