20th Century History: June

Can you answer these clues related to June events from each year in the 20th century?

1901Cuba becomes a protectorate of this country, which had defeated imperial Spain in a war.
1902Women (excluding Asians, Africans, and Aborigines) gain the right to vote in this country.
1903The 'Black Hand' organization, known for the later assassination of the Austro-Hungarian heir apparent, assassinates this country's royal couple.
1904Nikolai Bobrikov, governor-general of this country, part of Russia at the time, is assassinated.
1905In his article 'On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies', this man reveals his theory of special relativity.
1906This ship, the sinking of which would cause a major uproar in the US during World War I, is launched.
1907The second peace conference in this Dutch city opens.
19082,000 km² of forest are flattened when a meteor or comet explodes above this Russian region.
1909French troops capture Abéché, capital of the Wadai Empire, today located in this African country.
1910This Italian car company is established in Milan.
1911The Michoacán earthquake hits this city shortly before revolutionary forces arrive.
1912The largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century occurs in this US territory.
1913The Second Balkan War breaks out when this country attacks its former allies, Serbia and Greece.
1914This Austrian archduke is assassinated.
1915Women's suffrage is introduced in this Nordic country, which also gets its own flag.
1916The Arab Revolt against this empire begins.
1917The first major bombing raid against this city with fixed-wing aircraft (as opposed to zeppelins) is carried out.
1918An influenza outbreak, nicknamed this, becomes pandemic, with over 30 million dead over the next half year.
1919The peace treaty ending the war between Germany and the Entente is signed in this city's palace.
1920In the peace treaty of Trianon, this country loses 72% of its pre-war territory.
1921This president of Indonesia is born.
1922Civil war begins in this Western European country.
1923This Italian volcano erupts, leaving 60,000 homeless.
1924This president grants US citizenship to Native Americans.
1925This US car company is founded.
1926Antoni Gaudí, architect of this still unfinished Barcelona landmark, dies.
1927This physicist pushlishes his work on the uncertainty principle.
1928This Norwegian polar explorer dies.
1929The Lateran Treaty is ratified, granting this new country sovereignty from Italy.
1930Allied troops leave this occupied German region.
1931Hoping to ease the international economic crises, this US president issues a moratorium on war debt.
1932The Chaco War between Bolivia and this country begins.
1933This US gangster and his gang carry out their first bank robbery.
1934Adolf Hitler and this Italian dictator meet for the first time.
1935Arthur Arz von Straußenburg, the last general chief of staff of this no longer existing country's army, dies.
1936The German Fw 61, considered the first functional aircraft of this type, makes its first flight.
1937Leading officials of this military organization are executed in the USSR.
1938This Hungarian inventor patents the ballpoint pen, which is also known under his name.
1939The country of Siam changes its name to this.
1940Evacuation of Allied troops from this French city ends.
1941Germany and her European Allies invade this country.
1942This later Holocaust victim makes her first diary entry.
1943The Zoot Suit Riots erupt in this California city.
1944Western Allied troops land on the shores of this French region.
1945This country's king, Haakon VII, returns from exile.
1946Ion Antonescu, this country's dictator during World War II, is executed for betraying his people for the benefit of Germany.
1947This US secretary of state outlines his plan for the reconstruction of Europe.
1948The Soviet Union blocks the Western Allies' access to this city, one of the first major crises of the Cold War.
1949The country of Transjordan changes its name to this.
1950This war begins when the communist northern part of the country invades the south.
1951This German chancellor makes his first visit to a foreign country.
1952The Volga-Don-Canal opens, connecting the Black Sea to this inland sea.
1953This British queen's crowning ceremony takes place.
1954This Central American country's democratically elected president steps down after a CIA-sponsored coup d'état.
1955This computer scientist, known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, is born.
1956This Soviet foreign minister, in office since 1939, resigns.
1957This US state celebrates 50 years of statehood.
1958The Ifni War, fought by this North African country against its colonial powers Spain and France, ends.
1959This country becomes a self-governing crown colony of Britain with Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister.
1960This African island nation becomes independent from France.
1961The British protectorate in this country ends and it becomes an emirate.
1962Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann is executed by this country.
1963This US president gives his 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech.
1964Three civil rights workers in Mississippi are murdered by this white supremacist organization.
1965The first Australian troops arrive in this country to participate in the ongoing war.
1966This French president visits the Soviet Union.
1967This war between Israel and the neighboring Arab countries takes place.
1968James Earl Ray is arrested for assassinating this civil rights activist.
1969This US president announces the withdrawal of 25,000 US troops from Vietnam to the South Vietnamese president.
1970This Oceanian country gains independence from the UK.
1971Norway begins oil production in this body of water.
1972Five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee, relating to this scandal.
1973This Soviet leader becomes the first to address the American people on TV.
1974Isabel Perón is sworn in as this country's first female president.
1975This African country gains independence from Portugal.
1976The G-6 becomes the G-7 with the addition of this North American country.
1977Spain holds its first democratic elections after the death of this dictator.
1978At the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade, this flag flies for the first time.
1979This pope becomes the first pope to visit a communist country when he arrives in his home country of Poland.
1980This first 24-hour news channel is launched.
1981The first recognized cases of this immune disease are reported.
1982Argentina surrenders in this war.
1983Pioneer 10 passes this planet, becoming the first man-made object to leave the vicinity of the major planets.
1984This Canadian prime minister, father of another prime minister, steps down.
1985The remains of this Nazi physician, responsible for human experimentation in Auschwitz, are exhumed in Brazil.
1986This United Nations Secretary-General is elected president of Austria.
1987US president Reagan challenges this Soviet Premier to 'tear down this wall'.
198856 are killed in a train crash at the Gare de Lyon in this capital city.
1989The Chinese army cracks down on the protestors in this Beijing square.
1990Alberto Fujimori is elected this South American country's president.
1991Germany votes to move the capital city from this city back to Berlin.
1992Estonia becomes the first former Soviet republic to replace this currency.
1993Protests against the regime of Slobodan Milošević erupt in this city.
1994This country rejoins the British Commonwealth after leaving it in 1961.
1995This discoverer of the first polio vaccine dies.
1996The first elections in this central European country, recently independent after a union with another country ended, end inconclusively.
1997This Khmer Rouge leader orders the killing of his defense chief.
1998The operating system Windows 98 is released by this company.
1999Yugoslavia and NATO sign a peace treaty, ending the war in this region.
2000After a long custody and immigration controversy, Elián González is returned from the US to his father in this country.
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