20th Century History: July

Can you answer these clues related to July events from each year in the 20th century?

1901The UK's first fingerprint bureau is established at the London Metropolitan Police Service's headquarters, known as this.
1902Erik Gustav Boström returns as this country's prime minister.
1903Olav V, later king of this country, is born.
1904This chilean poet, diplomat and Nobel prize laureate is born.
1905This Swedish secretary-general of the United Nations is born.
1906The Dreyfus Affair ends with Alfred Dreyfus being reinstalled in this country's army.
1907Gojong, emperor of Korea, is forced to abdicate by this occupying country.
1908The Young Turk Revolution occurs in this country.
1909Louis Blériot becomes the first to cross this body of water in a heaver-than-air craft.
1910Ottoman forces put down a revolution in this Balkan country.
1911This president of France is born.
1912This Japanese emperor, known for the 'restoration' of imperial power, dies.
1913Romania declares war on this country.
1914Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, thereby starting this major conflict.
1915The US begin occupation of this Caribbean country.
1916The battle on this river begins, the largest battle on the western front of the whole war.
1917King George V of the UK changes the name of his royal house to this.
1918This last tsar of Russia and his family are shot by the Bolsheviks.
1919The Syrian National Congress is held in this city.
1920In exchange for the ability to move through its territory in the ongoing war against Poland, Soviet Russia recognizes this country's sovereignty.
1921This man becomes leader of the NSDAP.
1922The former German colony of Togoland, consisting of modern day Togo and parts of this country, is divided into French and British Togoland.
1923This Mexican revolutionary general is assassinated.
1924In the Napalpí massacre, 400 indigenous people are killed by police and ranchers in this country.
1925The 'Monkey Trial' begins in this US state.
1926The Nationalist Party of China, also known as this, starts its 'Northern Expedition' to unify northern China.
192790 people die in a revolt in this Austrian city.
1928Álvaro Obregón, president of this country, is assassinated.
1929The legal base for the creation of this Soviet labor camp system is created.
1930The dedication of George Washington's sculpted head is held at this landmark.
1931The religious group 'Bible Student Movement', today known for their door-to-door preaching, changes its name to this.
1932António de Oliveira Salazar becomes the fascist prime minister of this country.
1933The 'Reichskonkordat' between Nazi Germany and this country is signed.
1934A Nazi coup against the fascist regime fails in this country.
1935This spiritual leader of Tibet is born.
1936Civil war begins in this Iberian country.
1937This American aviation pioneer disappears.
1938The last reunion of Union and Confederate troops takes place in this town, site of a major civil war battle.
1939This supreme leader of Iran is born.
1940This general becomes prime minister of Vichy France.
1941Peru and this country fight a border war, resulting in a Peruvian victory.
1942Jews begin to be deported from this city's ghetto to Treblinka.
1943Allied troops begin the liberation of western Europe by invading this island.
1944Hitler survives an assassination attempt by Claus von Stauffenberg, which was part of this operation.
1945This man becomes the new British prime minister after Winston Churchill resigns.
1946Nuclear testing begins on this atoll in Micronesia.
1947This assault rifle, the most produced in history, enters production.
1948This dominion votes to join Canada.
1949This Asian kingdom is officially formed, but not fully independent from France.
1950This US general is named commanding general of the United Nations forces in Korea.
1951King Abdullah I of this country is assassinated during friday prayers in Jerusalem.
1952The European Coal and Steel Community, precursor to this modern organization, is established.
1953This war ends with a stalemate.
1954The summit of this second highest mountain in the world is first reached.
1955East Germany creates its national airline, under this name, the same name used by its West German equivalent, which had bought the rights to the name.
1956Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalizes this canal.
1957This north African country becomes a republic, with Habib Bourguiba as its president.
1958Prince Charles of the UK receives this customary title.
1959The first skull of this genus of human progenitors is found in Tanzania.
1960Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the world's first elected female head of government, is elected in this country.
1961This country becomes the first non-founding country to apply for membership in the European Economic Community.
1962This former colony becomes independent from France.
1963The world's first geostationary satellite is launched by this space agency.
1964This US President signs the Civil Rights Act, officially abolishing racial segregation.
1965A US probe returns the first images of this planet.
1966The Hindu movement 'International Society for Krishna Consciousness', commonly known as this, is founded in New York.
1967Charles de Gaulle shows support for this region's independence in a speech in Montréal.
1968This IT company, known for their CPUs, is founded.
1969Pope Paul VI becomes the first reigning pope to visit Africa with his visit to Entebbe in this country.
1970Thor Heyerdahl arrives on this Caribbean island from Morocco in a papyrus boat.
1971The voting age in the US is lowered to this.
1972'Bloody Friday' and 'Bloody Monday' occur in this UK country.
1973This North American island country becomes independent.
1974Turkey invades this island country.
1975This island country gains independence from France.
1976This Asian country is unified.
1977This Chinese politician, who would go on become de facto leader of China, is restored to power after being purged.
1978This Oceanian country becomes independent from the UK.
1979This man becomes president of Iraq.
1980China's population hits this milestone number.
1981Ronald Reagan nominates this first woman to the US Supreme Court.
1982IRA bombings in this city's Hyde Park and Regent's Park occur.
1983Civil war begins in Sri Lanka, after soldiers are killed in an ambush by this separatist group.
1984This micronation becomes the last European country to grant women the right to vote.
1985A ship belonging to this environmental organization is bombed and sunk by French intelligence agents.
1986This New York landmark is reopened after celebrating its centennial and subsequent refurbishment.
1987400 Shia pilgrims from Iran are killed by security forces in this city.
1988The Democratic National Convention nominates this man as its presidential candidate.
1989The 200th anniversary of this event is celebrated in France.
1990This currency becomes the official currency of East Germany.
1991Los Angeles police officers are filmed beating this man, an incident that would go on to cause race riots.
1992Abkhazia declares independence from this country.
1993The majority Russian cities of Narva and Sillamäe organize referendums to gain autonomy from this country.
1994Rwandan Patriotic Front troops capture this city in the Rwandan civil war.
1995This Burmese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner is freed form house arrest.
1996This sheep, the first mammal successfully cloned from an adult cell, is born.
1997Sovereignty over this city is handed from the UK to China.
1998The last Russian tsar and his family are buried in this city, 80 years after they were killed.
1999Legislative powers are transferred from the Scottish Office in London to the Scottish Executive in this city.
2000'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,' the 4th book in the series by this author, is published.
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