20th Century History: August

Can you answer these clues related to August events from each year in the 20th century?

1901Robert Falcon Scott embarks on an expedition to the Ross Sea, close to this continent.
1902This US president becomes the first to ride in a car.
1903Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto becomes Pope under this name, his papacy lasting until shortly after the start of the First World War.
1904British forces occupy this capital of Tibet.
1905Christian Lundeberg becomes this country's prime minister.
1906U-1 becomes the first of this type of marine vessel to be launched by the Imperial German Navy.
1907The Anglo-Russian Entente is signed in this Russian capital.
1908Sultan Abdelaziz of this country is deposed and succeeded by his brother.
1909The United States Army Signal Corp Division purchases the world's first military airplane from these aviation pioneers.
1910This Balkans country becomes a kingdom.
1911This famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci is stolen from the Louvre.
1912This Chinese nationalist party is founded.
1913The Second Balkan War ends with a treaty signed in this Romanian city.
1914Most of the main belligerents of this conflict declare war on each other.
1915The Russian army abandons this Polish city.
1916Romania and this European country enter World War I on the side of the Allies.
1917This Asian country declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.
1918The Czechoslovak legion fights a battle against the Red Army at this Siberian lake.
1919The new German constitution, created in this city, after which the following republic would be named, is ratified.
1920Soviet Russia recognizes this country's independence after a war of independence.
1921Franklin D. Roosevelt is diagnosed with this disease.
1922This inventor of the telephone dies.
1923This US president is sworn in after the death of his predecessor.
1924This country rises against Soviet rule.
1925This American white supremacist organization holds a parade in Washington, D.C..
1926The Cristero Rebellion begins in this country, in protest of the secularist policies of the government.
1927This commander of the Chinese nationalist forces resigns after the Nanchang Uprising.
1928Ahmet Zogu proclaims himself King Zog of this country.
1929This Palestinian leader and founder of the Fatah party is born.
1930This American astronaut and first man on the moon is born.
1931The Labour government under this prime minster resigns in the UK.
1932This German president refuses Hitler's demand to be appointed chancellor.
1933This later prime minister of the UK makes his first speech warning about German rearmament.
1934Adolf Hitler assumes this title.
1935Emperor Haile Selassie gives orders to evacuate this capital of Ethiopia because of anticipated aerial bombardment.
1936This Republican presidential nominee is born in Panama.
1937Directed by this Soviet leader, the Great Purge begins.
1938Béla Kun, leader of this country's communists and president of its short-lived Soviet republic, is executed in the USSR.
1939German foreign minister Ribbentrop and this Soviet foreign minister sign the pact named after them.
1940This Russian revolutionary leader is assassinated in Mexico.
1941The UK and USSR invade this country to secure its oil fields and allied supply lines.
1942American forces land on this island in the Solomon Islands, starting the first US offensive of World War II.
1943Allied forces complete the invasion of this Italian island.
1944Operation Overlord is successfully completed with the occupation of this French city.
1945The nuclear bomb 'Little Boy' is dropped on this city.
1946This 42nd US president is born.
1947This man takes office as India's first prime minister.
1948The southern half of this peninsula is established as an independent country.
1949This western military alliance is established.
1950Pope Pius XII declares this biological process as not conflicting with Catholic teachings.
1951The first Beetle, produced by this car company, is manufactured.
1952It is decided that Germany will pay 3 billion marks of reparations to this country.
1953The USSR tests its first thermonuclear weapon in this modern-day country.
1954This president of France is born.
1955The First Civil war begins in this north African country, which would lead to the establishment of an autonomous region in the south, now an independent country.
1956This western European country becomes the last in Europe to make driving licenses mandatory.
1957This US president announces a suspension of nuclear testing.
1958The Chinese People's Liberation Army bombs islands under control of this country.
1959This US state becomes the last to be admitted to the union.
1960Dahomey, now known as this country, gains independence from France along with several other African countries.
1961Construction on the infamous wall in this city begins.
1962This French president accepts Algerian independence.
1963President Fulbert Youlou of the Republic of Congo is overthrown after riots in this city.
1964US destroyers are supposedly attacked in this gulf, an incident that would lead to open war between the US and North Vietnam.
1965This country becomes independent after being expelled from Malaysia.
1966The Cultural Revolution begins in China under this leader.
1967Astronomers first observe this kind of star, named for its emission of radiation in short, regular periods.
1968The Prague springs ends with Warsaw pact troops invading this country.
1969The commune led by this man murder actress Sharon Tate and several other people.
1970A Soviet probe is launched toward this planet, and would become the first to successfully transmit data from another planet.
1971This Middle Eastern island country declares independence.
1972In a coup attempt, the Moroccan air force fires upon the king's plane on its way back to this city.
1973This man, whose daughter would also become prime minister of Pakistan, is sworn in.
1974Following this scandal, US president Nixon resigns.
1975The US citizenship of this confederate general is restored posthumously.
1976This Caribbean island country becomes a republic.
1977This becomes the official language in Quebec.
1978The Sandinistas seize the National Palace of this country.
1979Louis Mountbatten, former Viceroy of India and Supreme Allied Commander of the South East Asia Command, is assassinated by this paramilitary organization.
1980This Polish politician founds the Soviet bloc's first independent trade union.
1981This country fires a missile at a US spy plane.
1982The PLO withdraws from this country's civil war.
1983Thomas Sankara becomes president of Upper Volta, today known as this.
1984Half a million people protest the regime of Ferdinand Marcos in this city.
1985Mohammad bin Salman, this country's crown prince, is born.
1986Nearly 2,000 people are suffocated by a large cloud of carbon dioxide emerging from Lake Nyos in this African country.
1987This Nazi official, deputy Führer and last inmate of the prison housing the Nazi war criminals, is found dead.
1988Al-Qaeda is formed by this man.
1989Cocaine traffickers 'declare war' on this country's government and start a series of bombings and arson attacks.
1990Iraq invades this country, starting the Gulf War.
1991This Soviet leader is put under house arrest during a coup attempt.
1992Millions of blacks participate in a general strike in this country.
1993For the first time, the public is allowed into this London landmark.
1994The first protest against Fidel Castro's regime since 1959 occurs in this city.
1995The NATO bombing campaign begins in this country.
1996This Russian president is sworn in for his second term.
1997This member of the British royal family dies in a car crash.
1998Civil war breaks out in this country, which would also become known as the Great African War, due to the many other African nations siding with the war parties.
1999This country votes for independence from Indonesia.
2000This last Russian tsar is canonized by the orthodox church.
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