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Hank Morgan, a Yankee engineer, travels back in time to King Arthur's kingdom where he uses his scientific knowledge to win favor among the people
The title character is kidnapped by his deadbeat father/he escapes and travels with the slave Jim down the Mississippi/meets the 'king' and the 'duke'
Title character lives w/Aunt Polly/he & friends Becky Thatcher & Huck Finn attempt to rescue Muff Potter after he is accused by Injun Joe (actual murderer) of killing Dr Robinson
Jim Smiley catches a frog and trains it to jump/bets a man that his frog can out-jump any other, but the man cheats, and he loses
Tom Ward and Prince Edward switch places, exposing Prince Edward to the social inequalities that are occurring/they switch back, and Edward rules with mercy
The people of Hadleyburg offend a stranger who vows to corrupt the town/he does so by starting disputes over gold/town is renamed at the end
Twain laments the four ways in which men of America's Gilded Age employ man's 'most faithful friend'
A satire of Cooper's use of verbose writing, poor plotting, inconsistencies, clichés, and cheap characterizations
Travel book of Twain's experiences on board the USS Quaker as he travels to Europe and the Holy Lands
Travel book of Twain's experiences in the Wild West/written as a prequel to the 'Innocents Abroad'
Travel book recounting Twain's days as a steamboat pilot
1873 novel co-written with Charles Warner/Twain's first novel/satirizes greed and political corruption in post-Civil War America/coined name for the time period

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