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Can you name the HCHS Nobel Laureate by Work 1959-1940

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WorksLaureateYear and Nationality
The Fall of the King/The Long Journey1944 (Denmark)
Awarded the Grand Cross of the Légion d'honneur in 1958/ The Enemy1952 (France)
'hermetical writing'/New Literary Journal/ Waters and Earths/ Day After Day/ Life is Not a Dream1959 (Italy)
The Glass Bead Game/Demian/Steppenwolf/Siddhartha1946 (Switzerland)
The Dwarf/Guest of Reality/The Secret of Heaven1951 (Sweden)
Only Icelandic laureate/ Independent People/ Iceland's Bell/ The Atom Station/ The Fish Can Sing1955 (Iceland)
The Sun Also Rises/Death in the Afternoon/For Whom the Bell Tolls/A Farewell to Arms/True at First Light1954 (USA)
History of the English Speaking Peoples1953 (UK)
WorksLaureateYear and Nationality
'pure poetry'/ Platero and I/Spritual Sonnets/ Stones and Sky1956 (Spain)
Absalom, Absalom!/ The Sound and the Fury/As I Lay Dying/ A Rose for Emily/ Light in August1949 (USA)
Why I Am Not a Christian/Co-Wrote Principia Mathematica with Alfred North Whiethead1950 (UK)
The Fall/The Plague/The Myth of Sisyphus/1957 (France)
The Cocktail Party/The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock/The Waste Land/Four Quartets/The Hollow Men1948 (UK)
First Latin American to win the prize/Desolación (Despair)/Sonetos de la muerte (Sonnets of Death)/Poem of Chile/Lagar/Lagar II/Tala (Harvesting)/Readings for Women1945 (Chile)
The Fruits of the Earth/The Immoralist/The Counterfeiters/If It Die1947 (France)
Doctor Zhivago/My Sister Life/The Second Birth1958 (USSR)

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