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Can you name the HCHS Nobel Laureate by Work 1960-1979

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Forced Order
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Voss/Riders in the Chariot/The Eye of the Storm/Vivisector/The Hanging Garden1973
Regarded as the greatest Italian lyrical poet1975
Tales from the Don/They Fought for their Country/Virgin Soil Upturned1965
Humboldt's Gift (Pulitzer Prize), The Adventures of Augie March1976
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich/The First Circle/Cancer Ward/The Gulag Archipelago1970
Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair/ Cantos/Fled from his native land of Chile when communism was outlawed1971
The Magician of Lublin/A Day of Pleasure1978
El SeƱor Presidente/ Men of Maize1967
Shared prize in 1966/ Eli/The Seeker, and Other Poems1966
Shared prize in 1974/ Flowering Nettles/The Road/Aniara1974
Shared prize in 19741974
Passion of the Earth/Destruction or Love/Shadow of Paradise1977
Major French diplomat from 1914-1940/ Nocturne1960
Grapes of Wrath/ East of Eden/Of Mice and Men1962
Waiting for Godot/Endgame/Molloy1969
Billiards at Half-past Nine/And Never Said a Word/The Bread of Those Early Years/The Clown/Group Portrait with Lady/The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum/The Safety Net1972
Shared prize in 1966/ In the Heart of the Seas/Shira1966
Maria Nefeli/Step Poems/Signalbook1979
The Bridge on the Drina/Bosnian Chronicle/The Woman from Sarajevo/Ex Ponto/Unrest1961
The Sound of the Mountain/Palm-of-the-Hand Stories/One Arm/Beauty and Sadness1968
Greek author and poet who served as an ambassador to the UK from 1957-19621963
No Exit/Nausea/The Roads to Freedom (Trilogy)1964

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