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Fallen Asleep While Young/ Won prize for description of Finnish peasantry1939 (Finland)
Kristin Lavransdatter: The Wreath, The Wife, The Cross/ Gunnar's Daughter/ The Master of Hestviken1928 (Norway)
'Father of modern fiction'/ Growth of the Soil/ Hunger/ Mysteries/ Pan/ Victoria/ 1920 (Norway)
The Peasants/ Ferments/ The Promised Land1924 (Poland)
Awarded French Legion of Honour Grand Cross/ Time and Free Will/ Matter and Memory/ Creative Evolution1927 (France)
Magic Mountain/ Buddenbrooks/ Death in Venice/ Joseph and His Brothers/ Doctor Faustus/ The Black Swan1929 (Germany)
'Bunin brocade'/ The Village/ The Life of Arseniev/ Cursed Days/ Dry Valley/ Mitya's Love/ Dark Avenues1933 (France)
The Forsyte Saga: The Man of Property (1), In Chancery (2), To Let (3) / The Skin Game/ Justice/ Escape/ Loyalties1932 (UK)
Arrowsmith/ Babbit/ Elmer Gantry/ Mainstreet1930 (USA)
Penguin Island/ The Revolt of the Angels/ The Gods are Athirst/ The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard1921 (France)
Pygmalion/ Man and Superman/ Mrs Warren's Profession/ Saint Joan/ Major Barbara/ Caesar and Cleopatra/ The Arms and the Man/ 1925 (UK)
Won prize posthumously/ Arcadea Borealis/ The North! To the North!/ Modern Swedish Poetry1931 (Sweden)
The Bonds of Interest/ The Passion Flower1922 (Spain)
Long Day's Journey Into Night/The Ice Men Cometh/Strange Interlude/Beyond the Horizon/Anna Christie1936 (USA)
Wrote about Sardinia/ The Mohter/ Chiaroscuro/ Cosima/ After the Divorce1926 (Italy)
The Tower/ Sailing to Byzantium/ Easter, 1916/ The Second Coming1923 (Ireland)
The Thibaults/ The Postman/ Memoir of Andreas Gide1937 (France)
Sai Zhenzhu/ The Good Earth/ East Wind, West Wind/ A House Divided/ The Big Wave/ The Living Reed1938 (USA
Six Characters in Search of an Author/ Tonight We Improvise/ The Turn/ One, No One and One Hundred Thousand1934 (Italy)

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